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Tricks to clean your car upholstery

Tricks to clean your car

The upholstery is possibly the most sensitive element to the stains of our car. Above all, if we travel with children, pets or we tend to drink and eat while we move. Therefore, it is very important to know how we can clean the interior of our car, so that it looks as good as new for much longer. In this article, we share some tricks to clean your car upholstery.

First of all, is to have the right materials. It is not the same to wash a fabric upholstery that leather or skin, as these will be much more sensitive to certain products. In case our car has a fabric upholstery, it is best to vacuum the surface and then use neutral soap and a soaked sponge to achieve an optimal result. So, in case it does not take effect, you can also use what is called dry foam, a detergent similar to stain remover that we must apply on dirt and remove, after letting it act for a few minutes, with a dry cloth.

As for leather, leather or similar upholstery, it is best to use a soft brush for the seats. They will clean the dust without damaging the surface and, if we combine them with specific products for these fabrics, there will be no stain that will resist us. So, if you want to know how to remove more concrete stains, read on. We show you the best tricks to clean your car based on the indications of Alvaro Luxury Detailing.

Spots of gum and candiesTricks to clean your car

Cleaning the remains of these sweets can be a real nightmare. They are sticky and can leave marks easily. Given this, the essential thing is not to wait long to clean the upholstery. Letting them adhere to the seats can be irreversible. However, you can try hardening the spots with ice and then try to scrape it without damaging the fabric. It is one of the tricks to clean your car upholstery.


If you eat junk food in the car, for example, you run the risk of staining your seats with grease. Therefore, if you can not avoid eating in your car, get yourself a degreaser just in case. For example, use soap to wash the dishes diluted in a little water and rub until the stain comes out. It is another one of the tricks to clean your car.Of course, if you have been there for a long time, it is best to go to the professionals.

CoffeeTricks to clean your car

Drinking coffee on the way to work in the morning is an increasingly common practice among drivers. However, it is a danger for the upholstery, since with a braking or a stronger maneuver of the account could spill it by the seats. If, for some reason, this happens to you and you see it in time, take an absorbent paper, put it on the stain, rub ice on it and then rub again with a sponge and hot water.


As with clothes, the chocolate stains on the car are really hard to remove. For this reason, from Alvaro Luxury Detailing, a company specializing in integral cleaning vehicles, they recommend rubbing in the affected area with liquid soap and water. Also, according to Autonocin, you can clean it with a brush, a vacuum cleaner, glass cleaner, and hot water. The process would be the following:

First brush and vacuum. You have to remove the easier remains and vacuum them so they do not spread.

Second: apply hot water. The goal is to soften the stain

Third: apply the window cleaner or stain remover and rub until it comes out.

It is the best tricks to clean your car.

MakeupTricks to clean your car

Some women tend to take advantage of traffic jams or traffic lights in red to make up or touch up makeup. Something that, in addition to being a distraction at the wheel that entails risks for your safety, can end the upholstery. If this happens, using make-up remover is not the solution. A homemade trick may be to use a little detergent for delicate items.

Animal HairsTricks to clean your car

If you travel with pets but do not want the hairs to spoil the upholstery of your car, we propose a home remedy. As they explain in Autonocin, you can rub the affected areas with the rough part of a scourer or, even, use sandpaper carefully. On the other hand, if the surface is not cloth, sometimes it is enough to pass the classic hair roller or vacuum where there is more hair of your pet.

Threw up

For the spots of vomit, the essential thing is to act quickly to avoid that the material of your seats spoils with the corrosive acids and that the bad smell predominates. First, you have to remove the remains with disposable papers and then you can use a mixture of baking soda and water to disinfect. Vinegar is also useful to remove stains and if not, you can always use specific products to clean upholstery. Anyway, if you have to clean a spot of vomit in your car and you do not know how to do it, click on the link and we will explain the process step by step.

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