5 More Top Formula 1 Facts to Know

Formula 1 is about to kick off the 2018 season with its first Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia, on the 25th of March, with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton taking pole position. Image Credit Rivals Red Bulls Max Verstappen, known as…

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Safe Driving Tips When it Rental Car

Simple tips while driving an unfamiliar rental car: Firstly, never ever opt for a car rental service that doesn’t offer a wide range of vehicles. A company that has a better fleet usually has more clients and guarantees reliability.

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Trucks for Your Business: Things to Consider in 2018

Buying a truck for business purposes is always tricky. There are more aspects to consider when you are making a business purchase, especially since you have to think about the return on investment (ROI) and the depreciation on that investment…

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Which is better, Kia Stonic or Seat Arona

Space, mechanical range, prices, and equipment under review. Which one wins the game? Which is better, Kia Stonic or Seat Arona? What a question we just asked. Both one and the other are SUVs with good arguments to compete in…

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The 5 Best Off-Road that will arrive in 2018

The relationship between Best Off-Roadand SUV is not too close, finding in most cases front-wheel-drive cars. Although the SUV is the most popular type of car and its appearance has a lot to do with an SUV, these models do…

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How to put the clamps to start the Car

Have you run out of battery and the car does not start? If you have wires with clips, you can fix it yourself. Your car’s battery can be discharged because you have left something on (the lights, the radio or…

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