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Daily car maintenance, our ten tips

car maintenance

Maintaining your car every day keeps it in good mechanical and aesthetic condition. If some major maintenance requires a visit to the workshop, a few regular and easy checks will extend the life of your car while saving sometimes considerable savings. We share 10 daily car maintenance tips for you.

And you will reap the full benefits of it when you resell it. Here are ten tips to follow.

Daily car maintenance tips

1 – Check the levels regularly

To ensure the proper functioning of the engine as well as the steering and braking components, a periodic check of all fluids is required. Be aware that an insufficient level can cause failures which can sometimes have serious consequences, or even break the engine. A glance under the hood from time to time can save you a lot of worries.

2 – Check the engine oil levelcar maintenance

Using the dipstick, make sure that the level is always between the two marks “mini” and “maxi”. Too much or too little oil is detrimental to the proper functioning of the engine.

3 – Check the coolant levelcar maintenance

Again, make sure that it is always between the two “mini” and “maxi” marks on the jar. Please note, if you notice that the level is regularly insufficient, it means that your engine consumes water – the risk of cylinder head gasket problem.

4 – Check the brake and power steering fluid levels

Insufficient brake fluid can mean a leak in the brake system. The same is true for management.

5 – Test the condition of the battery

A battery in good condition retains a good life expectancy. Make sure it is always well charged – starting problems -, that the terminals are clean and if necessary check the level of the electrolyte. If necessary, have the charging circuit checked.

Good to know :

Regular monitoring of the fluid level prevents significant damage. These checks do not require any special mechanical knowledge and can be carried out quickly.

6 – Maintain the tirescar maintenance

A small visual inspection of the tires is never unnecessary. Be aware that under or over-inflated tires wear out faster. Similarly, irregular wear may suggest an anomaly in the parallelism or other. Regularly checking your tires extends their life.

Good to know :

The tires must be identical on each axle. Likewise, they must have visible sculptures over their entire surface. Tires that are badly worn on the outside must be replaced even if the running surface appears to be in good condition. In addition to risking a fine, your handling will be significantly changed.

7 – Keep the brakes in good condition

If you are not a confirmed mechanic, a regular visual examination of the brake discs and pads will allow you to note the state of wear of the braking members. If your car brakes badly, if the brakes squeak, if abnormal friction noises are heard when braking, it may be a sign that it is time to change your brakes, or at least to check their state.

8 – Shiny bodywork

Regular cleaning of the bodywork will keep your car looking great for years to come. In addition to cleaning with water, polishing at least once a year will ensure shine and longevity in your paint.

Good to know:

In the event of resale, a dull bodywork indicates a lack of maintenance. The external condition immediately gives a good or bad impression to the prospective buyer.

9 – Lighting: to see and be seen

It is advisable to regularly check the proper functioning of its lighting and to replace any defective bulb, for its safety and that of others. So remember to regularly check all the bulbs, including the operation of the brake lights. Get help if necessary.

10 – Windshield and windows without defect

Do not hesitate to have a cracked windshield replaced. Clean all windows regularly with a suitable, non-abrasive product. If your car has been parked for a long time, remember to clean your windshield wipers before driving. Dust accumulation and pollution can cause scratches in the rain.

A car is generally more reliable and saves you from the last minute annoyances. You have to take the time to open the hood from time to time, to keep your car clean and pleasant to look at, the goal is that it lasts as long as possible.

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