How to lay up a campervan for winter

Laying up a campervan or motorhome for winter is crucial to ensure your vehicle remains in good condition during the cold months and is ready for your next adventure come spring. Here are some essential steps to help you prepare…

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Things to Look For in an Auto Repair Shop

When selecting an auto repair shop, asking about the parts is essential. There are two main categories: new features and remanufactured parts. New parts are manufactured to meet the original manufacturer’s specifications. Remanufactured parts are cheaper but may need to…

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Benefits of Penetrating Oil Spray You May Not Know

Auto shops often use a penetrating oil spray to open up difficult bolts or through frozen or worn-down parts. When people buy this oil spray, they usually don’t know all the unique benefits of using it. Here are some great reasons why…

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How Do Electric Cars Work?

If you’re wondering how electric cars work you’re not alone. Many people don’t understand what makes electric cars so unique. There is a great deal of media attention about the transition to EV so let’s find out more:

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How to care for a Bugatti Type 35

One of the most beautiful and successful prewar, pre Formula one years racing cars is the Bugatti Type 35. The car was a truly Continental European creation. Bugatti was founded in Germany by an Italian. It became one of the…

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Top 10 Japanese 90s sports cars

With the arrival of the new Toyota Supra A90, it seems that Japanese cars are experiencing a kind of silver age. To show just enough to see that Honda has returned to the NSX, Nissan does the same with the…

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