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Tips to save fuel

Tips to save fuel

We offer you some tips to save fuel and take advantage of every last drop of the precious liquid, without wasting anything in a phantom or silent consumption that we often ignore.
Along with the electricity bill, the price of gasoline and diesel is one of the economic disbursements that most concern us, let alone the vehicle is an essential factor to exercise our professional work.
Although it is not in our hands to intervene in these price increases and decreases, we can put into practice some tips to save gasoline and diesel, so that we take advantage of every last drop of the precious liquid, without wasting anything in a ghost or silent consumption that, often, we ignore.

Tips to save fuel
Controls the good condition of the vehicle

As always happens when we talk about saving any type of device, the good condition of it is essential. The protagonist so that your car consumes less diesel or gasoline is the engine, which has to be ready and in perfect condition. There is no other requirement to strictly comply with aspects such as oil changes and filter revisions. A stop on time in the workshop will save you money in the long term, besides contributing to your vehicle consuming less fuel.

Take care of the tiresTips to save fuel

And if the engine is essential in these situations, the tires are not far behind. You must check them so that their pressure is adequate, which will influence both the consumption and your safety when driving the vehicle. It is estimated that a tire with a lower pressure than necessary can consume 3% more gasoline or diesel. It is one of the best tips to save fuel.

Lighten the load

We all know that weight is a factor of relevant consumption, after all, it is pure logic. The more weight you have to move the engine, the more effort you will have to make and the more fuel you will consume. So we can not ignore that loading the trunk of unnecessary things will not help much. Similarly, if we are not going to use it, the roof of the car is an extra weight that will increase the cost of gasoline or diesel, as well as suppose a brake that opens it in a new window) will be even more.

It is estimated that the increase in fuel consumption per 100 kilos is around 5% and, in the case of the roof rack, it is possible to reach 35%. If you want to save, it is better that you have a little patience to remove it and put it when it is only necessary.

Turn off the engineTips to save fuel

Currently, there are numerous vehicles in circulation that include the system known as Start /Stop, which causes the engine to turn off when the car stops. This is one of the most practical formulas to save fuel, since while it is stopped, consumption stops, in addition to reducing polluting emissions. It is the best tips to save fuel.
In the event that your car does not have this system, you can do it manually to take advantage of the same advantage. If you turn the key at the appropriate time in long waits, queues and similar situations, while the vehicle is stopped, you can consume less fuel and contribute to preserving the environment.

Select the air

If you want to save fuel in hot weather, you have to select very well the air to use. Since turning on the air conditioning causes consumption to increase between 10% and 20%. However, taking the windows open on the motorway is also a considerable expense. So it is necessary to adapt to each situation seeking balance.
So, if you are going to travel by city or road at low speed. It is best to open the windows. Because you will save fuel when using air conditioning. But if the trip is by highway or roads with moderate or high speed. It is best that you light the latter.

Fill the deposit

One of the most common tips to save fuel is to fill the tank. It is not always possible for us to make such a disbursement. But it is true that if we can do this we must follow this advice. This will save us more visits to the gas station. With the extra consumption involved in travel, in addition to taking care of the engine.

Avoid the accelerationsTips to save fuel

To step on the accelerator with boldness thinking that with it the engine will warm up before we get into the vehicle one of those cold winter mornings is a mistake. The only thing we will achieve with these connections is to spend fuel for nothing. So the best thing to save gas or diesel is to avoid that type of acceleration. Both at start-up and when you’re running. Keep in mind that sudden acceleration in your journey by road or highway also increases consumption.

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Be proactive

Finally, a piece of advice that does not stop being important: be proactive. Plan the journeys you are going to make before getting behind the wheel. To know more or less exactly where you need to go. And use the navigator of the car or some mobile phone application for it.
There is no more wasted fuel than the one that is spent for wandering around aimlessly because we can not find a place or another one where we take a lot of detours looking for a parking place to save us the parking fee when, in the end, the saving has not been so much as we thought because we have spent it on fuel.

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