How to clean the car: the best tips and tricks

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We dedicate a lot of time to take care of the most important parts of our vehicle since the maintenance of the tires, the different parts of the engine or other elements such as the airbag are essential for our safety when driving. However, in many cases, we do not pay attention to another very important part of the car: its care. But keeping our means of transport in perfect condition also includes having it well cleaned inside and out for two reasons: the pleasure of enjoying when the vehicle is clean and the factors that are associated with safety. These are the best tricks and tips to clean the car.

Four reasons to clean the car

We often think that cleaning the vehicle is only aesthetic. And that it does not interfere with the driving and, much less, safety. However, we are wrong: having a clean car inside and out is paramount to avoid both possible road accidents and health problems in the interior.

  • Keeping the car clean on the outside will allow other vehicles to see us better on the road, which increases our driving safety.
  • We need to see other vehicles and they see us and, therefore, it is essential to wear clean both moons front and rear as headlights and other lights.
  • A car depreciates over the years, but a dirty car deteriorates more quickly and ages earlier, so it is recommended to wash it once a week.

Clean the exterior of the vehicleclean the car

The exterior of the car is exposed to rain, dust, the effects of the sun and many other factors, so it is recommended that once a week be cleaned. Doing it is easier than you imagine, although it is important to know that it is best not to apply the product directly on the surface of the body.

Before starting, it is advisable to remove the first layer of dirt with a bucket of water and sponge without product, starting from the top of the car. If your car is high, a small ladder may be helpful. Then you must fill the bucket with water and a little liquid soap (there are special soaps for the car); the sponge is submerged and the surface is begun to be soaped in parts, in a circular way. For drying, use a cotton cloth.

The crystals of the car

For the crystals, you can use a clean cloth and vinegar, although in the market you can find some products with bicarbonate that can be useful as well. It is one of the tricks to clean the car.

The tires

We recommend making a paste with baking soda and water and applying it with a brush to the rims. After letting it rest for a few minutes, rinse with water. The chrome parts, if not aluminum, can be cleaned with vinegar and water; this will ensure that they remain bright.

Lights and spotlights

For lights, you can use a little toothpaste. Although it seems incredible, it is the best solution.

Clean the inside of the car

The upholstery of the car is the part that causes the most problems when cleaning. A very simple homemade solution is to mix white vinegar with water in equal parts. And with the help of a sponge to pass it all over the body surface or interior leather. Previously you can vacuum with the same house vacuum so that dust or crumbs that exist are removed. The same solution will work perfectly for the board. It is one of the best tricks to clean the car.

The mats

The first step will always be to shake them outdoors and vacuum them. To wash them, it is recommended to use dishwashing detergent. This is added to a bucket of hot water along with a little white vinegar; Then, with the help of a brush with hard bristles, we proceed to clean the fabric of the mats taking care not to spoil it. It is advisable to let the product stand for half an hour before removing it. If the mats are plastic material sucks them and give them a little water and soap.

Six things you should not do when cleaning your car

Sometimes, our desire to do a good job exceeds our knowledge, so we make mistakes that, in the worst case, can ruin the bodywork or the upholstery of our car. That is why we have prepared a list of mistakes that you should avoid when cleaning the car.

Do not use detergent from the washing machine

It seems like a truism, but when it is recommended to wash the car with soap and water, the first thing you find at home is used and that is usually the laundry. Choose a neutral pH soap to avoid damaging the paint.

Do not use the same water

Do not use the same container to wash and rinse. And when you finish cleaning the outside of the vehicle. Throw the dirty water and put clean water to start with the inside. If you do not, the dirt that we have removed from the body will be put into the upholstery. It is one of the tricks to clean the car.

Do not wash it in the sun

Many think that the best idea is to wash the car when it heats up so that the star king is in charge of drying it quickly. However, the sun can alter the cleaning products you use, warming them up and causing them to leave permanent marks. Best, clean at first or last hour of the day.

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Do not use fatty products inside

The car can be very nice, but you can have a serious safety problem because the pedals or mats can slip and you can not accelerate or brake at the time you need it.

Do not clean the windows with glass cleaner

The products we use for the interior of our house are not the most suitable for the car. As they can cause stains and even the opacity of the glass, so we must avoid them.

Do not forget the tires

The wheels are those that are in permanent contact with the ground. So it is one of the parts of the dirtiest car, next to the hubcaps.

Homemade tricks that make a difference

If you have small children, the best thing when you buy the car is to decide on models whose interior is dark, since you will notice less dirt. And if the engine works perfectly, you can also reupholster the vehicle mid-life. You’ll have the impression of brand new car spending very little money in return. It is one of the tricks to clean the car.

But, the normal thing is that if you have children at home it is very likely that you will find gum stuck in the upholstery. The best thing to remove them is to not crush them anymore and start by hardening them with the help of ice. Then, once they are very hard, they can be removed with the help of a spatula. For chocolate stains, the best thing is liquid soap and a damp cotton cloth.

For those who use the car to go to work it will be easy to have to deal with coffee stains; In these cases, it is best to use glass cleaner and cold water to remove them. But if the stain is fat or oil try to mix water with a small amount of degreaser that we use in the kitchen. It is not easy to leave, but there will be more possibilities than if you use only soap and water.

If the problem is makeup stains, you can apply a little make-up remover in liquid format or laundry detergent. With a little patience, you can remove all the stains.

There are two types of spots that sooner or later we will find in the car: vomiting of children and the ink of pens. For the first case, the best remedy is to quickly apply soap and water. But stomach acids can damage the upholstery. So if you see that the fence continues it is better to take the car to a specialized cleaning room. The case of the ink is simpler: mix water and alcohol equally and apply it directly on the stain.

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