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Ways to cut the cost of car ownership

Until recently driving an environmentally friendly car was not only good for the planet but also good for your bank balance. With road tax rates calculated on a sliding scale according to the amount of CO2 a vehicle produced, it was possible to choose a car that attracted no vehicle duty at all.

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Changes announced during the last budget mean the existing scale of 13 tax bands will be replaced by just three bands for all new cars sold after 2017. With the exception of electric vehicles, the savings that could have been made by choosing cars with lower CO2 emissions have been wiped out and owners of many vehicles will see the amount they pay increase substantially.


Under the present scheme the most efficient cars tend to be diesel models. For those motorists looking to upgrade or change their vehicles, diesel is still the smart choice. The price of the fuel has, in recent weeks, fallen to the point that it is similarly prices to unleaded petrol. The changing economics of fuel prices mean that, even if your annual mileage is only modest, driving a diesel vehicle is now more attractive than ever. The condition of your tyres can also affect the efficiency of your car in terms of the fuel that is used and the wear and tear on other parts of your vehicle such as the brake pads and disc. If you are looking for Tyres Gloucester way then it is worth taking a look at

Drivers looking for other ways to make their motoring more cost effective should look at leasing rather than buying a vehicle. Monthly payments are low, servicing is often included in the price, and it is easy to change cars every few years to make sure you are always driving something reliable and up to date. Leasing a car means entering into a long-term relationship with the provider; therefore, if you are making enquiries about car leasing in Leicester, be sure to choose a firm with a solid reputation. If you choose to arrange car leasing you will be dealing with a company with friendly, knowledgeable staff who can help you to secure the perfect car for you needs with the best possible deal.


Although the cost of diesel fuel looks set to remain low for the foreseeable future, it is impossible to know when this might change. Choosing a way to get behind the wheel of your ideal car with the maximum level of flexibility is the best way to protect yourself from potential changes.

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