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Kia is valued as the most reliable brand on the market


Focused on offering first-class vehicles at very competitive prices and high reliability, Korean brand Kia has already established itself as one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, with special acceptance in the European and American markets. In this way he has managed to work the image of a brand with a fantastic value for money, a work reinforced by its policy, unique in the market, to offer 7 years of warranty on all new vehicles.

The latest example of Kia’s good work is data from the Initial Quality Study, a study published annually by JD Power that establishes a ranking of reliability among car brands. In this classification, we find those brands that give less problems to their owners, a fact to take into account when we decide to buy our new vehicle. And while the study is based on US customers, it addresses short-term problems, those that customers have suffered during the first 90 days after purchasing the vehicle, and they do not have to be just major breakdowns or problems such as engine problem. In this way,


The fact that the study examines problems as diverse as the incompatibility of Bluetooth with the Smartphone, difficulties to correctly use the aid to the driving of the vehicle or malfunctions are important data for the marks, to improve the formation and the support that can Lending to their customers as well as improving the design of systems in future models. Any problem that arises the first few days we use the car can magnify over time, and have an impact on the owner end up having a negative feeling with the vehicle. Therefore, JD Power’s studies show that there is a clear correlation between the problems we face after buying a vehicle and our brand loyalty when we decide to purchase a new one.


The Initial Quality Study 2017 was produced between February and May of this year, based on surveys of 80,000 buyers, and JD Power has established the new rating based on its PP100 index, which reflects the number of problems per 100 vehicles: The lower the PP100, the better it will get the mark in the standings. And in the position number 1 of this ranking appears the Kia brand, alone and with a PP100 index of 72.

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As a result of the incessant work carried out by the brand, the most complete range of cars in its history has been born, driven by vehicles such as the new Kia Picanto , a modern urban car with a youthful spirit that offers comfort and much more  space inside, including the largest trunk among vehicles of its class. Technology, safety, and connectivity are other highlights of the Kia Picanto. Also of great importance for the brand is the new Kia Rio, a powerful and elegant car, which is now more innovative and sporting than ever.


Hybrid technology manages to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, coupled with simple maintenance, makes the new Kia Niro more than just a car. Because, in addition to the hybrid system, the Kia Niro offers versatility and space for the day to day. Although the great standard of the Kia range is still the Kia Sportage, an SUV that in its new generation has a very striking and sporty profile, including safety and driving aids, connectivity and comfort that makes us feel at home.

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