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600 hp for the most powerful Jaguar in history


The sports saloons are, without a doubt, a concept attractive vehicle for any fan of the automotive world: it is fast cars, with a body of three volumes and four doors well proportioned, and also can be used daily thanks To its comfort and good habitability. But if we were already fascinated with the current range of Jaguar saloons, the British brand has gone a step further with the creation of the Jaguar XE SV Project 8, no less than the most powerful production Jaguar ever created … with 600 hp Provision of a vehicle for the whole family!


Developed by the Technical Center of Special Vehicles based on the successful Jaguar XE, the SV Project 8 was born to demonstrate that in Jaguar they have the technology and mechanics necessary to create a real supercar based on a production model because for both appearance and performance the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 stands on its own merits as a very special car.

Equipped with the fabulous 5.0-liter V8 supercharged compressor, this model achieves extraordinary performance data for a car in its segment

Power: 600 hp

Engine torque: 700 Nm

Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 3.3 seconds

Maximum speed: 322 km / h


To take advantage of this power, the vehicle has an automatic transmission of 8 speed Quickshift, all-wheel drive, rear differential active with its own oil cooler, and the latest advances in racing mechanics: carbon ceramic brakes, adaptive shock absorbers with ceramic bearings and unprecedented torque Vectoring system to manage the power according to the needs.

But in addition, it is impressive how well the XE SV Project 8 looks aesthetically. In this sense, we wanted to equip a production car with a whole series of solutions designed for the competition. In this sense, it is surprising to discover in a sedan an active exhaust system of titanium, many elements in carbon fiber (front and rear bumpers, wheels, adjustable front splitter, mirrors, etc.), plus a ventilated hood and a few steps Wheel.


On the other hand, in the rear of the vehicle the 4 exhaust outlets surprise as well as a huge rear spoiler, also in carbon fiber, capable of generating up to 122 kilos of aerodynamic load circulating at 300 km / h. Designed to take advantage of all its features in the circuit, this model has four seats and performance seats in magnesium structure and leather and suede upholstery, allowing it to be used daily. But for those who are looking for something more, with the optional Track Pack package, the rear seats are eliminated, competitive bucket seats are incorporated in carbon fiber and even safety bars. In addition, thanks to the light aluminum construction of the chassis of the XE, its weight is maintained at a correct 1,745 kg.


Only 300 units of the model will be manufactured, all of them handcrafted and left-hand drive. Available in several exclusive body tones, the model will become an appreciated collector’s piece, as its selling price will be around $150,000.

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