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The electric car maintenance tips

electric car maintenance

Electric cars are already a reality. Not only because they have made a hole in our roads, even small, is that they are the great bet of the administrations for the future. It is logical the concern about the way in which we will recharge them and the autonomy they will have. But this change will also affect our visits to the workshop. We share someelectric car maintenance tips.

How is the electric car maintenance?

Drumselectric car maintenance

It usually has two batteries. The first, the usual one that can be found in any of our vehicles with thermal mechanics, serves as a support in the start-up, the use of air conditioning, radio, lights … Its revision continues as before: longevity, useful life, and the terminals have acid.

As for the second battery, the one that feeds the electric motor requires diagnostic machines to check the same: useful life, load cycles, efficiency … It will also be necessary to check that the hermetic space that stores it is in good condition if it has suffered a blow, if it remains stagnant or if it has a fissure through which water or dust can enter that corrodes its condition and damages its operation.

Oilelectric car maintenance

When replacing the combustion engine with an electric one, it does not need oil and, therefore, loses this deposit. We must forget about their substitutions. However, it still has oil, lubricants, and grease in some friction elements. It is necessary to verify that they fulfill their purpose and replace them if they wear has eliminated them. Continue reading-8 electric car that we can drive before 2020

Tireselectric car maintenance

They remain as they have been until now. Although the operation of electric motors conditions their future. The way in which these thrusters deliver the torque, the exits from stationary and the accelerations are more energetic, can lead us to change tires more frequently than now. But it will not be a critical situation. It will only cut its longevity between 2,000 and 5,000 kilometers. It is one of the bestelectric car maintenance tips.

Shock absorberselectric car maintenance

Continuation of the previous point. The way in which accelerates will force the shock absorbers to a greater effort in the longitudinal loads. Something that compromises the comfort and duration of these.

Coolantelectric car maintenance

It will not be necessary for the motor, the electric ones hardly vary in temperature. In case it is included, it will be destined to other elements that will continue heating up.

Isolationselectric car maintenance

Here it is all electrical and electronic so cables, switchboards, and motor must be well insulated so that no water or dust enters them that compromises their operation and response.

Brakeselectric car maintenance

In principle, they will last longer. Energy regeneration systems, similar to the engine brake we know in gasoline and diesel engines, will save work and effort on the brakes. Thus, the shoes will remain as new for a long time.

Brake fluid

As usual. It is important to check the levels if the system remains waterproof if the force with which the brake pedal has to be pressed … In case of variation, the liquid is replaced and, in the last case, the system is replaced.

Elements that disappear with the arrival of the electric motor

The comparisons are odious but you should know what are the elements that you can forget when the electric motors arrive.

Air filterselectric car maintenance

The engine no longer needs an air filter. Although the vehicle itself will still need a cabin filter, to clean the air that enters the interior of the car.

Timing beltelectric car maintenance

Another of the nuisances that disappear from our lives. Forget about going to a workshop every 100,000 km to change the distribution belt and the bill that starts at 600 euros.

Oil filter

Lacking an oil tank, a large part of the elements that this entailed were lost, among them, the filter.

Fuel filterelectric car maintenance

Being an electric vehicle, everything that involves the fuel tank and what that entails says goodbye to electric cars.

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