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The best tips for renting a car this summer

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If you are thinking of renting a car to travel this holiday. Follow our recommendations to avoid unforeseen expenses and enjoy safely. Here are the best tips for renting a car this summer.

The summer holidays are here. You already have clear your destination and the dates of departure. Now you just need to know what means of transport you will use for your trip. If you choose to travel by car, do not discard rent one and leave yours parked at home. And for everything to go smoothly, travel safely and without unforeseen expenses, here are some simple keys.

The best tips for renting a car this summer

1.BOOK IN ADVANCEbest tips

We are already in high season. Ideally, you reserve your car well in advance to ensure the rental of the right vehicle. The most convenient and fastest way to reserve the car is to do it through the company’s website, where there are usually interesting offers and through which you can check-in, to shorten the time of collection of the car. If you are already a regular customer of a car rental company, you will surely get a better price.


Pay attention to the type of coverage included in the rental agreement. Do not take anything for granted. Normally, car rental companies include damage and theft coverage with a franchise. For greater peace of mind, many customers choose to contract additional protection directly with the rental company that eliminates the responsibility of the customer for damage or theft of the vehicle, avoiding intermediaries.


Even if you are in a hurry and have a crazy desire to go on vacation, it is essential that when you pick up the car you check that there is no damage to your body or interior. If any anomaly is detected, the rental company must be informed so that it appears on the inspection sheet and thus avoid misunderstandings when returning it. Also in the delivery of the car, it is convenient to check that it does not have any damage to avoid charges a posteriori. It is the best tips for renting a car this summer.


Keep a copy of all the documentation signed by the rental company, such as the contract and the inspection that is done to the car before picking it up and returning it. Always carry it with you in case you have some mishap and some authority asks for it.

5.SECOND DRIVERbest tips

If you are going to make a long trip and you are accompanied, value the option of including a second driver so that you can rest and thus take turns during the journey. For this, it is essential to inform the rental company so that it is included in the contract. This usually entails an additional cost, although some companies, such as Hertz, if the client is a member of the Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program, the second driver can be added to the contract at no cost. Continue reading-Safe Driving Tips When it Rental Car


In the contract, it is recommended that the mileage be unlimited, especially if you are going to make long journeys. With regard to fuel, each company indicates in the contract the exact amount with which the vehicle must be returned, although the most common is that it is with a full tank. Failure to comply with this condition will mean that the rental company will charge the equivalent of the cost in the final invoice. If you prefer not to have to go through the petrol station, you can also make a prepaid fuel at the time of the collection of the vehicle. It is the best tips for renting a car this summer.

7.TRAVEL ABROADbest tips

If you plan to travel outside our borders, you must specify when signing the contract, since not all companies allow you to take the vehicle out of the country or offer roadside assistance abroad. It is the best tips for renting a car this summer


It is not always good to return the rented car to the same office where the collection was made. If this is your case, you will have to notify the company. Since the return in a different city usually involves an extra expense.

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