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Three advantages of having a diesel car

diesel car

Diesel” is on the way to becoming one of those taboo words that cannot be practical or even pronounced. After years of encouraging the purchase of diesel car, the industry and regulatory systems have demonized this type of fuel and plan to remove it from circulation, with more or less aggressive, sooner rather than later. But, is everything so black? in part, but it also has its good things: these are the three advantages of having a diesel car.

Go ahead that is not a popular position given the current environment and the doomsayers of the end of diesel , but we must recognize that as with other types of vehicles (whether gasoline, hybrid or electric), although diesel have certain defects, does not mean that they have strong points that make them an option to be taken into account.

More strengthdiesel car

A diesel car, mechanically equal to a variant of gasoline, will always have more torque, which translates into more strength and thrust. The reasons why this happens are several: a higher compression ratio, pistons with a longer travel, its energy density is greater than that of gasoline, its combustion is faster, which pushes the pistons with more force for a greater travel; and, finally, as a general rule, they are built to work with turbo, they work with a greater amount of both air and fuel, which produces more force in combustion. Keep reading-5 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR CAR IN TOP CONDITION

Lower consumptiondiesel car

Again, if we talk about a gasoline engine and a diesel engine of identical power, the consumption of the latter will always be lower, spending fewer liters of fuel 100 kilometers. Why does this happen? The main reason is for the operation of the propeller.

While a gasoline works by means of a spark from the spark plug that ignites the fuel, the diesel is by compression. This, in addition, uses a greater amount of air to achieve the optimal mix, which reduces the expense; it also uses a smaller amount when operating at low loads, which implies the same consequences; and we must bear in mind that a diesel block has a maximum performance better than that of a gasoline.

Of course, we must also note that the energy density of diesel is greater than that of gasoline. If we look at the volume (ie, per liter). Which makes the same amount of one and another deliver a different amount of energy.

Durabilitydiesel car

This argument is not as valid today as it could be a few years ago, due to technological evolution. But if it is sustained if we are looking for or have an old diesel. As we have noted in the section on the strength of these engines. Most are prepared to work with a turbo. Which made their parts more robust and resistant to stand the operation. However, these turbos were not very powerful, which meant that despite being prepared to withstand a very high “trot”. At the moment of truth, the diesel blocks did not suffer such a high workload. That is why they held tens and tens of thousands of kilometers, double the durability of gasoline versions.

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