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Infiniti News at the Automobile Show 2017


At the stand of our official dealers Infiniti Barcelona and Infiniti Valencia in the Salon Automobile show 2017, you had a chance to know all the news of one of the best premium brands in the market. If you already visited the show, you must discovered models such as the Infiniti Q60 sports coupe, the new Infiniti Q30 premium compact, the Infiniti QX30 premium SUV, the Infiniti Q50 saloon or the Infiniti QX70, which combines the charisma of a sports car with the Elegance and comfort of an SUV.

We will discuss all these vehicles, below:


Infiniti Q60

The new Infiniti Q60 has been designed for you to enjoy the road, with a sporty silhouette and very attractive from deep corners and aggressive folds. Its interior accentuates pleasant driving, with first-class materials and technological systems such as the recognition of traffic signals, the quiet cabin that minimizes unwanted road noise or the InTouch system, which facilitates the centralization of Infiniti technology Q60.

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The star model of the brand in this Salon Automobile 2017 is the Infiniti Q60 V6 3.0T, the most powerful version of the range with a gasoline engine biturbo with direct injection and 405 hp. The acceleration of this spectacular coupé is instantaneous, the maximum torque is reached very quickly and an unlimited power is perceived.


Infiniti Q30

With a daring personality and striking contours, the Infiniti Q30 is designed to challenge. Keeping the Infiniti DNA, its fun character defies any classification. Its asymmetrical interior creates a more pleasant environment and is focused on the passengers feeling relaxed. The Infiniti Q30 is a comfortable vehicle that is ready for all kinds of scenarios, and includes technology systems such as Intelligent Parking Assist, an intelligent parking attendant with peripheral vision, the Around View Monitor, which detects moving objects, the Safety Shield, Integrated by active security systems, or InTouch technology, to control the systems from a practical touch screen.

Infiniti QX30

The Infiniti QX30 stands out for its crossover appearance and the asymmetrical design of its interior, offering a high altitude, a versatile attitude, comfortable driving and an intelligent all-wheel drive system. For the interior of the Infiniti QX30, the brand uses quality materials and has created a unique patented material, called Sofilez, with a very nice premium feel and great durability, used on surfaces such as the central armrest to increase the feeling of comfort. Its quiet cabin and technological systems, such as the InTouch, intelligent cruise control, or the peripheral vision monitor, combine with a range of cargo that allows its occupants a pleasant and uncomplicated journey.


Infiniti Q50

Available with diesel engine or in hybrid version with petrol and electric engine, the Infiniti Q50 is a sport sedan that perfectly combines efficiency, performance and luxury. Its striking front and powerful appearance, thanks to the chassis technology of the brand, achieves a rigid but light body that reinforces the control of the vehicle. Their harmonious design, their livability, NASA-inspired seating, or technology systems such as the Safety Shield or the InTouch, complete with a world first from the Infiniti Q50: their dual touch screen, which can operate together or individually, Visualizing and controlling different functions.

Infiniti QX70

The charisma of a sports car and the size of an SUV are the elements that make up the Infiniti QX70, combining power and engine, with a muscular style. An exterior of extraordinary beauty topped with smart Bi-Xenon headlights, alloy wheels up to 21 inches in the Sport finishes, and a long-lasting self- healing “Scratch Shield” paint. Its interior has a luxurious finish, ergonomically designed to provide comfort to the occupants, and completed with systems that make the Infiniti QX70 the king of the road, such as integrated infotainment, the perimetric vision camera, or the various systems of driving aids available.


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