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Advances in connected cars are unstoppable

Advances in connected cars

Immersed as we are in the era of connectivity and immediate access to information, it is now normal for anyone to walk the street with a Smartphone connected to the Internet in their pocket. This implies a new world of opportunities that can be extrapolated to all types of sectors, including the automotive sector. Therefore, it is not surprising that car manufacturers have been the first to work for new cars to have access to the Internet and, in the hand of new technologies, to offer the driver all kinds of functionalities that can be executed in a way Remote.

The gradual introduction of these technologies allows, for the first time in history, to have remote control over the car and as a result, the vehicle becomes an intelligent element, both during and outside circulation.

In order for a mobile terminal and a vehicle to be networked, an infrastructure, i.e., the technical system behind a mobile application, for example, may be necessary. There are also cases, such as the multimedia system of the vehicle where communication occurs only between the phone and the car, without the need for such infrastructure. Below we will review some of the first advances in connectivity between the vehicle and the mobile phone.

Advances in connected cars

Examples of connected car applications


The smart urban vehicle brand has emerged as one of the most innovative firms in the field of connectivity. Because their customers are usually young people and permanently connected the car with which they travel on urban routes must be able to respond to their needs.

In this respect, smart has developed a free application called smart cross connect apps available for the smart fortwo and smart forfour models, which allows you to get the most out of the car, going far beyond the options that standard includes an infotainment system traditional.

Here are some of the most interesting functions connected to the connected vehicle offered by the smart cross connect app:

Smart spots: parking license plate locator, even special smart seats.

Car Finder: memorizing the parking place, as well as the time elapsed from the parking lot.

Trip Monitor: the record of the routes made by the vehicle, with a score (Driving Score) depending on the conduction performed, thus enhancing efficient driving.

Advances in connected cars


Another perfect example of the advances in the field of connectivity is demonstrated by the German Audi brand by the extensive catalog of features of the Audi connect Safety & Service.

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An Audi vehicle that has this system of remote connectivity allows the driver:

  • Check the locking and unlocking of the vehicle doors.
  • Adjust the heating and air conditioning of the car to the liking of its occupants, even at a distance, so that when arriving at the vehicle its temperature is adequate.
  • Know the location of the vehicle through the Smartphone as well as its status in real time.

Advances in connected cars

In addition, it is only a matter of time for brands to go one step further towards autonomous driving, at which point connectivity will also allow the car to be able to perform autonomous maneuvers such as parking and be connected to other vehicles in circulation to prevent accidents and allow a more fluid circulation.

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