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Why you Should use your Garage to Store your Car

For many people, the garage tends to become a receptacle for junk – as the years pass, the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ motto means that the garage is filled up, often with things that we no longer need. But the purpose of a garage really is to store your car in – so why not have a good old de-clutter, make your garage look it’s best – why not go to Up and Over Doors Ltd for garage doors in Bath, and start storing your car in its rightful place – there are so many benefits to keeping a car in a garage…

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The obvious advantage is that it protects your car from the weather. The weather can wreak havoc on your car, as well as costing you additional time and money. On a frosty morning, you won’t need to get up and spend ages scraping the ice from the car, just get in and go! As well as this, continued exposure to the elements can cause the car to weather quicker, damaging the paintwork and causing rust.

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As well as protection from the weather, you also will have protection from crime. Car theft and vandalism are sadly a fact of life and keeping a car in the garage makes it a much less obvious target for thieves and vandals who just want a quick getaway rather than the hassle of breaking into a garage. Because of this, your insurance costs will also be lower as well.

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