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The Importance of Tyre Maintenance for Your Car

Tyre Maintenance

With winter slowly creeping up, it’s essential that your tyres are in good condition to deal with the unpredictable weather. Although extreme weather conditions are more common in the winter, you should take all precautions to ensure your vehicle is fully maintained throughout the year, to reduce the risk of any problems with the vehicle.

Tyres are considered to be the most important part of any vehicle due to the fact that they are the only element that comes into contact with the road itself. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that your tyres are kept in the best condition which keeps both your vehicle and yourself safe.

Top 5 Tips to Maintain Your Tyres 

  1. Keep on Top of It

A regular check over of your tyres never hurt anyone. We would recommend that you complete a basic inspection of your vehicle once a week. No real skill is required for this and anyone can do a tyre check. Simply check and look around all of your tyres and ensure that there are no bulges, cuts, or holes in them.

  1. Tyre Pressure

Once you’ve checked that your vehicle has no cuts or noticeable problems, you will also want to check the tyre pressure of all of your tyres. Tyre pressure is very important for the safety of braking and longevity of the tyre itself. Make sure your tyres are not underinflated or overinflated – you can usually find recommendations in your handbook.

  1. Tread Depth

Tread depth is even more important as there are laws associated with this. All of the tyres on your vehicle must have the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. If you are caught driving a vehicle with tyres that do not meet these requirements, you could receive a fine and points to your license. Tyres with low tread depth are known to be quite dangerous in poor weather conditions – so it is key that this isn’t ignored.

  1. If in Doubt, Get It Looked At

It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to anything vehicle-related. If you have any doubts regarding your tyres or any safety elements of your vehicle, do the sensible thing and get it looked at by a mechanic. If any urgent repairs are required then they can get this booked on for you and back on the road again safely!

  1. Be Safe

Once you are happy that your vehicle is in the best condition possible you won’t have much else to worry about. However, with any vehicle, the most important point of all is to drive safely day-to-day. Be aware of the road at all times and if you ever have any problems, get them fixed – never risk it.

Purchasing New Tyres

If you’re looking for Tyres in Tunbridge Wells then consider a tyre repair and replacement service offered at your local garage. Local car experts will be able to review your vehicle and make recommendations across the board, ensuring you are driving a safe vehicle at all times.

There are a variety of different options to choose from when looking at new tyres. If you are not able to spend much then budget tyres could be the right option for you. Mid-range tyres are the middle ground between the bottom and top tiers, and then you also have premium tyres, which may be more expensive, but long-term you will be spending less on tyres as the premium options are much better quality. New tyres generally last between 3 and 6 years but this will entirely depend on the driving situation and how often the vehicle is driven.

Drive safely!

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