A Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Driving

Driving a commercial vehicle can lead to job security and help you earn a competitive hourly wage. But getting behind the wheel of a large trailer, truck or van isn’t the same as taking your personal vehicle for a spin…

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Affordable Ways to Experience the Lap of Luxury

The luxury car rental market is expected to grow as more consumers seek to experience luxury cars without the cost of owning one. Here are some ways that new and established companies can help customers enjoy the thrill of driving…

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Car Insurance Rates Influencing Factors

The car you drive, the deductible you choose and coverage limits affect your rates. Insurers also consider the likelihood of theft and repair costs. Drivers under 25 pay higher premiums than drivers with multiple traffic violations. And even one accident…

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How to boost your eligibility for car loans.

For many drivers, car loans are a great way to spread the value of their next car into affordable monthly instalments. Car finance is when a lender agrees to give money or buy a car on behalf of the customer…

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The Benefits of Selling Your Car Online

Online car sellers offer buyers a convenient option to compare vehicles and finance options. Moreover, they can also help them save time and energy spent driving from one dealership to another. While private sales and dealerships can offer more money,…

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The Essentials of Car Paint

Paint results from a complex mixture of pigments, binders, solvents, and additives. In the case of cars, it also includes a primer and a surfacer.

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