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Four Cars That Are Completely Pointless To Buy

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Automobiles have made the world amazingly easy and have also made things more accessible to people. Back in the day, any new vehicle will be revolutionary for the long-term success of the industry. However, technology evolved continuously over the years, and the standards for what a car should be and its features have grown higher than ever.

Over the years, we have witnessed many vehicle manufacturers release many unnecessary duds. Most of these vehicles tend to have more issues pop up than their features, which rendered them useless to most. There are times when these vehicles just failed due to the concept as they weren’t welcomed or fancied by most of the consumers. You should also be staying away from these vehicles as they will give you more problems than you get to drive them.

Some of them actually look great and look very functional, however, you shouldn’t be considering them to avoid trouble. Most of these cars are good for laughing. In this article from online pokies, we will be listing out a few of these quite pointless cars


Reliant Robin

Do you remember what a tricycle looks like? Now take a look at this three-legged car and think about it. If you haven’t heard of the Reliant Robin, you should watch the infamous Jeremy Clarkson review of the vehicle. Due to the limited three tyres, it is almost impossible to turn to the next street while driving this vehicle. Unless you’re an old lady and you drive very, very, very slow. Even an old lady will find it hard to turn with this car without making it tumble to its side. If you’re interested in a three-wheeler vehicle, you should just get a tricycle. This car is not worth its troubles at all.


Honda Insight

Although the new Insight series from Honda is quite impressive, this wasn’t always the case. The first generation of the Honda Insight will definitely argue with that “impressive” as it came with lots of issues, with the most popular one being the CVT transmission. They were known for breaking down, and the electric motor is quite expensive to replace. While it is economical for consumers, the CVT transmission makes this car very useless to the average consumer.


Velorex Oskar

This is probably the most unusual vehicle on this list. The only place you should be seeing a Velorex Oskar should be at an antique museum. But in their first emergence, these cars were quite practical amongst the consumers. They can carry two adults at the very most with a good speed for little cost. However, the engine built into these cars can’t be used for modern travel distances. Looking like it’s made entirely of leather, the Velorex Oskar is a bit good-looking but not fancy for playing games at casinos en ligne en france.


Plymouth Prowler

When it comes to looks, the Prowler looks like a vehicle you should only be seen in a superhero movie like Batman, and that should be the only valid reason that will make you get this car. But that reason is not valid enough once you start experiencing various mechanical issues that you’ll be getting once you start using it. You can buy it and keep it in your home for the look of it if you have enough money to lavish. Overall, it is not a good car to buy, and completely pointless.

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