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Three Unnecessary Car Features

Currently, cars are one of the biggest tech toys you can buy for yourself today. Over the years, cars have evolved as new technology has been installed and implemented into them to make them better than ever.

The advancement of technology means that cars now have lots of features that make life better for the average user. However, some of these features are downright unnecessary and useless to the average car user. Some of these technologies in cars were probably placed there because engineers want to charge a premium for them. In this article from, we will be listing out a few of the useless features of cars.


Dynamic Steering

Dynamic Steering is a feature in BMWs that lets drivers adjust the tension on the steering wheel, which can make it hard to steer when in “sport” mode and easier when it’s placed in the “comfort” mode. Just like it is in some vehicle-related video games, you can do the same thing with dynamic steering. Is it safe though? The dynamic steering setting can change while driving, which will force the driver to suddenly make adjustments while taking charge of the vehicle. Why should this be happening when you’re in the middle of the road? Why was this feature implemented in cars? Wouldn’t it be great if you just have one steering setting for the cars? This might be a great feature in the future, but right now, it is nothing to write home about, David Villa probably won’t be using it.


Automatic Car Doors

Automatic car doors are also quite useless. However, an automatic tailgate or trunk is great as there will be moments when your hands will be filled up. It is quite convenient. But having the driver and passenger doors open automatically is not all that great, it is almost embarrassing for a feature. People not feeling that they should use the door handle to open the car door or close it themselves is quite sad, and it represents the peak of laziness. What is even sadder is that it will cost extra for car owners to use this feature. Automatic car doors shouldn’t be a thing unlike the games at casino en ligne argent reel.



While this is a nice feature, they are also not necessary in the long run. Sunroofs are for people who love convertibles but can’t afford them. Why would you need a sunroof feature in your car when you can just roll down the window to get the sun and wind into your car? Is there a need to have the sun beating you down when you’re not a lover of a convertible? This should be a feature for convertibles only, if you like it get one for yourself. We shouldn’t be getting that feature for an extra hundred of dollars.

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