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Why does my car smoke white?

car smoke white

To begin, it is important to note that the best way to prevent our from expelling car smoke through the exhaust pipe is to carry out maintenance tasks periodically. That is, we must review all the elements and take care that our car is in perfect condition to circulate.

Starting from this base, we will explain what are the reasons why your emits white car smoke. However, to do so, we will have to establish certain distinctions. On the one hand, there are differences between diesel cars and gasoline. On the other hand, the type of fault or its severity depends on whether the engine is cold or hot when the white smoke begins to flow through the exhaust pipe. But we also have to take into account the thickness or density of the smoke.

What do I do if my gasoline expels white car smoke?car smoke white

When we talk about vehicles that use this type of fuel, the most important thing is to look at their density. If the exhaust pipe emits little smoke, the car does not present any mechanical damage. This has been caused by the normal condensation of water vapor that occurs in the exhaust system. Therefore, it will disappear little by little, as we go around.

If, on the contrary, we appreciate that the smoke is very dense, it is more likely that a fault exists. Surely we are burning coolant and to fix it we will have to go to the nearest workshop. It is a fault to which we must pay special attention, as the engine of our car could overheat and suffer major damage at the mechanical level. Something that will greatly affect your pocket. Although everything will depend on the type of vehicle you drive. And what you are charged for labor in the workshop, in addition to the cost of the parts or tools needed for repair. According to several websites consulted, the price ranges between 600 and 1389 dollars. However, depending on the severity of the damage this figure can reach 3472 dollars.

What if my car is diesel?car smoke white

It would be the same as with gasoline cars if the amount of car smoke is scarce when the engine is cold; we should not regret any breakdown. On the other hand, if the smoke is not very dense but the car is hot it means that it has problems in the injection of fuel. This means that there is more air than fuel, so our engine would not work properly. It is a fault that needs the intervention of a mechanic, as soon as possible.

So, in both cases, when the car smoke that expelled our car is still very dense during the march. It is best to stop and call the crane. The most probable is that there is damage to the engine block or cylinder cover and that is a fault that must be repaired in the workshop.

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