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What to do if you lose your driving license?

driving license

Losing your driver’s license is one of the main fears of any driver. What to do now? How can you fix it as soon as possible? In this article, I will try to give you all the keys to recover your driver’s license in the shortest possible time.

driving license

I lost my driving license, what do I do?

Yes, whether for stealing, theft or for a self-neglect reason, you can lose your driver’s license and it happens very often. It can happen to all of us and after all, you have just lost your card not your driving license in whole. Remember that the first thing is to do in case you have suffered a robbery, file the corresponding complaint to the police officer and file it in the Traffic Headquarters.

Then, in the case of robbery or loss, you must request a duplicate of your card in said Headquarters. To do this, you must present the necessary documentation in the Provincial and Traffic Headquarters.

driving license

Documentation for driver’s license duplicates

  • The official application form for a duplicate of the card.
  • A recent passport size color photo.
  • Your ID, Passport or Resident Card in force.
  • The duplicate rates demanded by Traffic (which in 2017 are $20).

Can I drive without a license or be fined?

If you have lost the license, it is not recommended that you drive again until you have your duplicate, unless it is an urgency that you cannot avoid. In fact, if an agent stops you and you do not present your driving license, the fine will be 10 dollars.

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Of course, never opt for the solution to use the old card until you get the new one. Circular with an expired driving license or with data not updated, can carry fines of between 80 and 200 dollars. The best: get your duplicate as soon as possible and do not drive until then.

driving license

What if I lose my license points?

What if you have lost not your card only but all the points of the card as well (that is, that you have withdrawn the permit)? The problem could be more serious, but calm, you can recover it through a training course and the passing of certain tests. In addition, at some driving school, you can pay for the costs of enrolling in the course, as well as the fees for control tests and the medical examination that you must pass. Thus, you can save your driving license as fast as possible and without additional costs.

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