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Top 10 car maintenance tips for a happy car

car maintenance tips

Top 10 car maintenance tips The Top 10 maintenance tips is the most practical guide to keep your car in perfect condition. And avoid unpleasant surprises on the road. Also, follow this practice at the foot …

The Top 10 car maintenance tips are the most practical guide to keep your car in perfect condition. And avoid unpleasant surprises on the road.

In addition, follow this practice to the letter, will keep the value of your car to the maximum for when it comes time to have to sell it to buy or read a new one.

In most cases, all these preventive repairs can be done without the need to take the car to a mechanical workshop, although it is increasingly more difficult to access some of the vital points of the engine compartment, due to the complexity of modern cars.

Top 10 car maintenance tips for a happy car

Oil change and oil filtercar maintenance tips

The change of oil is one of the main keys for a car to operate optimally, although some people think that it only need gasoline.

Changing the wiper bladescar maintenance tips

No matter how new or well maintained your car is, brushes in poor condition affect visibility on the road, with the consequent risk for road safety, which is accentuated in spring, as the weather conditions are usually very changeable, with heavy rainfall.

Change air filter

The air filter is the lung of your car’s engine, so just like you need to breathe to stay alive, the car needs it to be able to move.

Scheduled maintenancecar maintenance tips

Regular maintenance of the vehicle is always more convenient when you do it at your own time, always following the recommendations of the owner’s manual. No, it is not a plot of the manufacturers to spend more money in the dealership workshop. It is the best measure you can follow to always have a car in good condition. Continue reading-5 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR CAR IN TOP CONDITION

New wheelscar maintenance tips

Most drivers do not pay enough attention to tires, the truth is that if we think about it well it is the essential point to be able to take advantage of all the performance, but especially the new safety technologies, because without tires in good condition, it is impossible for the brake system to work properly. It is important car maintenance tips.

Battery changecar maintenance tips

Depending on how you use your car, the battery life will be approximately five years. However, it is always advisable to check it at least every year so that the electrical system of your car is extended for much longer.

Brake service/repaircar maintenance tips

Regardless of the power of the car you drive, the speed you reach, the brake system is practically your only resource to end your trip safely because when it works properly, it helps ensure the control and safe operation of the vehicle.

Antifreezecar maintenance tips

The antifreeze liquid is the most important element that will surely prevent you from having an unpleasant experience not only when the winter arrives. You should check it before the start of each season change. Since it also serves for the cooling system in the summer.

Engine tuningcar maintenance tips

Most modern cars no longer need the traditional tuning of the engine. Because the carburetors have been replaced by direct fuel injection systems. But if you have a classic car. This step is vital so you can continue enjoying your car the of the collection.

Tire alignment/rollingcar maintenance tips

In addition to maintaining air pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The alignment is what will keep your car in the right direction. And also save you money by extending the life of the tires and brakes.

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