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10 accessories that will soon disappear from your car

disappear from your car

Common elements, such as the spare wheel or the handbrake lever. Among many others, are disappearing or are replaced by others in cars. We share the which onewill soon disappear from your car.

The car has been undergoing a silent transformation for years, which, in a slow but unstoppable way, is modifying the car as we knew it. Common elements such as spare wheels, antennas, handbrake lever, switches … are disappearing. Whoever thinks that all the changes, developments and evolutions that a brand of cars makes in their vehicles are made in order to make things easier for their owner, is very wrong in many cases. These are some of the changes we are experiencing. As reported in the DGT Traffic and Road Safety magazine in one of its articles.

Theaccessories that will soon disappear from your car

SPARE WHEELdisappear from your car

It is worth checking under the trunk: many drivers will not have noticed that your car does not have a spare wheel. Most brands no longer include it in the car’s equipment. At first, it was replaced by a smaller wheel, emergency call or cookie, which requires to go at a limited speed and for a small number of kilometers, but allows to continue the march.

However, almost all manufacturers now opt for a repair kit, in most cases clearly insufficient to solve a puncture. The reasons for this change must be attributed to a significant saving of money for the brand and a clear reduction in weight. As an advantage, space is gained in the trunk. And if you want the spare wheel, it is paid separately.

CD READERdisappear from your car

With music elsewhere: the CD player has already bid farewell to most modern cars, which, alternatively, offer one or more USB inputs. The infotainment systems that replicate on the screen all smartphone applications also serve to fill this gap.

BUTTONSdisappear from your car

The dashboards of the eighties and nineties were filled with buttons, but now they are for the memory. Manufacturers prefer to concentrate on a touch screen functions that are normally controlled with knobs or switches. The interiors of the cars are thus less recharged, but the handling of the screens (especially on the fly) is not always intuitive or easy. And it can distract. Continue reading-5 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR CAR IN TOP CONDITION

KEYdisappear from your car

More and more vehicles that incorporate a start button that detects the key and allow you to start by just pressing it, eliminating any trace of a lock. When the system is more complete, it is not necessary to remove the key or card or to open the car. A very comfortable system that is always appreciated, in addition to avoiding losing the keys. Of course, it does not always work perfectly, especially in an area where frequency inhibitors abound. And it has a little known and dangerous face.

ANTENNAdisappear from your car

Advances in electronics are also making traditional antennas that pick up radio signals disappear. These are getting smaller and often are camouflaged in the front moon. If we sometimes see the typical shark fin antenna on the back of the roof, it forms part of the navigation equipment and houses the GPS antenna.


Few drivers use a crank to lower or raise the windows unless it is a car especially low cost or simple versions of access to a model that does not carry any air conditioning. And this element like that also tends to disappear.

AIR CONDITIONERdisappear from your car

The air conditioning is being replaced by the so-called automatic climate control, a much more efficient and comfortable system that allows maintaining the same temperature in the passenger compartment without having to constantly regulate it. From certain segments, this element is already standard in all cars. But in the most modest models, it is also being imposed. Soon air conditioner willdisappear from your car.


They are being replaced for some time by the necessary sockets to supply each and every one of the electronic devices that passengers carry.

HANDBRAKEdisappear from your car

When a motorist parks his car, the classic sound of the handbrake is no longer heard. The lever no longer exists in many cases. And has been replaced by a small switch that activates the electric parking brake. A system that occupies little, is activated automatically when removing the contact and that, in many cases. Has assistance to the start in slope. handbrake willdisappear from your car soon.

GEAR LEVERdisappear from your car

More and more models offer among their options the possibility of mounting an automatic gearbox. And many versions are equipped as standard and exclusively. They are fast, efficient, reduce consumption and are very reliable. There are few arguments to think that the manual change will survive. Itwilldisappear from your car.

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