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Should you buy a bike or rent it?

To be (carrying your bike to a remote place) or not to be (carrying your bike to a remote place) is the original question? In this article, I will try to solve a dilemma which even Shakespeare couldn’t. Now that’s brave. Or, like the cynical might want to put it, idiots roam around happily where the bravest hesitates to step. Whatever, I am determined.

Why would you even think of carrying your bike to a remote place? I live in Pune and I work in Pune and I have no plans to leave Pune and my bike is bought and registered in Pune. Read no further, this blog is not for you. However, there can be other circumstances where carrying your bike might pop up as an option. What if you need to move from city to city. You might want to transport your bike, especially if you are not an expert rider or simply don’t want to drive that long.

However, this question is most relevant when you love riding for pleasure. But think of this, you are a resident of Bangalore and you want to take the Manali to Ladakh biking trip, but who would bring your bike from Bangalore to Ladakh? Now, this question becomes pertinent. Do I rent a bike or simply buy it?

Well, from my example, you might think renting the bike is the ideal solution. However, that is not the case. There are many reasons and arguments on the other side of the story as well. Let’s hear one side at a time. 

Renting A Bike

  • It offers peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about getting your bike from Bangalore to Ladakh. While driving it to Ladakh would be so tiring journey that you would start the real journey half-dead. If you, on the other hand, get it transported, the safety, security, loading, unloading, insuring and many other stresses, apart from the expenses, would creep up. Renting a bike is easy, show some identity proof, go through minimal documentation, pay the rent and some security deposit, if applicable. Your fully serviced, shiny new bike is ready for you at Ladakh
  • It also offers the chances to try out new bikes on real Indian roads. Choose something which you wanted to test out before investing in or even rent something which you always wanted to ride but never could afford. In both the cases, renting bikes would be a great idea. You can try out bikes to get a first-hand feel of their comfort and road efficiency in the most demanding roads. You can ride famous Italian or German brands for next to nothing cost
  • Not only you don’t need to bring your bike to Ladakh, you also needn’t take it back to Bangalore from Ladakh on your way back.  Moreover, as you can easily hand over your rented bike locally after your trip, you are free to go for other activities or detour to other places as need be

But that is one side of the story. Bringing your bike would like to present its case as well. And we would give it a fair chance before passing our verdict, like the famous anecdote of King David taught us to.

Buying A Bike (aka Bringing Your Bike)

  • Your bike is your bike and you know it so well that you can manoeuvre it around even when drunk (or so you claim, I do not encourage that all). This is possible only when you are riding your bike, not riding something which you rented a few hours back and need to get accustomed to the acceleration, brakes, weight and balance of a new bike. Remember, you are already on new roads, the last thing you want is a bike you can’t control properly
  • It is often cheaper. Trust me when I say, some bike rental agencies charge high and if you want better bikes, they charge even better. Despite all the costs associated, including the insurance for bikes, bringing your bike might be a cheaper idea. This is not an infallible truth, but it is the case, more often than not
  • Finally, the worrying part. If you, most unfortunately, meet an accident, your bike will not cost you a penny, assuming you have taken proper insurance policy for bike. If not, I strongly recommend that you get it done before leaving home. This will surely keep the repairing costs away. If you damage a rented bike, you are at their mercy, they can charge you exorbitantly and can ruin the whole fun of the trip.

What do you think? Pretty confusing decision, isn’t it? For me, as well and thus, being the clever, cunning soul, I am known to be, I leave the final decision to you. See, I told you, there are two equally strong sides of the story! Anyway, let us know what you prefer and what makes you side with that choice.

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