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How to remove window tint

how to remove window tint

Excessively dark tinting on the windows of your car is illegal in many states. This can result in a fine and Fix-it ticket. If this happens, the dye must be removed from the car to liquidate the purchase of tickets. Professional ink removal services tend to be very expensive. We share tips on how to remove window tint.

How to remove window tint

Explanationhow to remove window tint

Open all the windows of the car, except for one of the polarized ones. Connect the extension cord to the outlet closest to the car. Drag the other end to the car, making sure it has a lot of lengths to work with the interior.

Fill the steamer with water from the carafe according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Simply connect it. It can take a couple of minutes to get the steam that comes through since it takes time to warm up.

Find a corner of the window where the dye film is exposed. This is a good starting point. Steam this area for about a minute and then pick up the edge with your finger until it starts peeling again. Pull very slowly while steaming for the exposed edge of the film.

Pull the film while administering the steam. The trick is to shoot fast enough to get the job done, but slow enough to remove the glue. If you pull too hard, you may tear the film or pull the film out and leave the glue on the window that is difficult to remove by itself. Do this until the entire film is removed from a window.

Use an adhesive remover to remove any extra glue. There will definitely be a bit of glue left behind. Finish the job by washing the window with glass cleaner and a clean, dry cloth.

Repeat the steps until all the tint of the unwanted window has been removed.

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Tips and warnings

If it is hot in the car, roll through the windows or open the doors.

Once you have finished retiring to your tinting window, try your new steamboat on your clothes.

Never use a razor blade to remove the stain. You can scratch the glass and it will take much longer to do the job.

Do not pull too fast or you will leave behind the glue that can be very difficult to eliminate.

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