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The best all season tires for all seasons

best all season tires

The advantages of winter tires in adverse weather conditions are more than obvious. But there are still many drivers who are suspicious of this type of product due to the obligation to go through the workshop every six months to replace the tires. For this reason, all premium manufacturers have launched the best all season tires market. A kind of hybrid that offers good performance throughout the year. Especially in regions with cold winters but without reaching the extreme temperatures of the north or east. of Europe.

Although these products are not new, in recent months we have experienced a boom in terms of releases. At least six manufacturers have opened a tenant in this segment in 2015, a selection that we analyze under these lines:

The best all season tires

> Goodyear Vector 4Seasonsbest all season tires

The second generation of Vector 4Seasons uses smaller interconnected blocks that improve its performance on snowy roads. While its wide cavity increases its performance on the ice. The use of state-of-the-art polymers and a higher proportion of silica ensure good performance on wet, icy and sleet roads. While their hydrodynamic grooves provide greater resistance to aquaplaning.

> Hankook Kinergy 4Sbest all season tires

The innovative Kinergy 4S for all seasons employs an asymmetric tread pattern that combines the best of a summer tire with the safety on the water, ice, and snow of a winter tire. Thus, the outer zone of the band, with blocks, guarantees the maximum performance on dry soil. And high temperatures, while the grooved inner part reflects the real performance characteristics in winter. A good sample of this potential is the marking 3PMSF, which recognizes the models with better performance in extreme winter conditions. It is one of the best all season tires.

> Kumho Solus HA31best all season tires

The second generation all season of Kumho maintains constant its benefits throughout the year thanks. Fundamentally, to the compound used and to the innovative design of the drawing and the flanks. The Solus HA31 is designed to reinforce wet behavior, guaranteeing drainage thanks to its large volume of lateral grooves. Its 3D snow lamellas ensure maximum traction when rolling on wet surfaces. Reducing the abrasion that winter tires tend to suffer in these cases.

> Michelin CrossClimatebest all season tires

The Michelin CrossClimate is able to combine a short dry braking distance with the highest rating on the European label in the braking on wet category. To this, we must add its homologation for use in extreme winter conditions, as shown by the pictogram 3PMSF. According to the company, these features are added to the characteristics already known in the rest of the Michelin range. That is duration, energy efficiency, and driving a pleasure.

> Nokian Weatherproofbest all season tires

This autumn has come to the new range all season of Nokian, with proposals for tourism, SUV and van. The offer for passenger vehicles will be composed of a wide range of measures for tires between 13 and 18 inches. The family for high-performance SUVs will offer measures of between 16 and 18 inches, with speed codes T, H and V. Many of these measures will be marked with the symbol XL that indicates their greater load capacity. Finally, Weatherproof C for delivery vehicles will cover measurements from 14 to 16 inches.

> Pirelli Cinturato All Seasonbest all season tires

The first Pirelli model for this market has landed with a total of 16 measures for tires of 15, 16 and 17 inches. And speed codes H and V, although the offer will reach 21 dimensions before the end of the year. They all have the M + S symbol and the 3PMSF pictogram that guarantees optimum performance in the most adverse weather conditions, including ice and snow.

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