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How does riding larger tires in a car affect it

riding larger tires

In the case of having your next new car chosen, there is always a question: what tires to choose? This decision will initially respond to an aesthetic function, that is, how is said car with those shoes. But there is something else because the size of the tires will also affect the dynamic behavior of the car. We tell you everything you need to make a correct choice.

To put ourselves in a situation, it must be said that the current tendency is to have large tires. A few years ago only the most sporty models dared to fit tires from 17 inches. Today that measure is more than normal in normal cars, even falls short in models such as the Renault Scenic that rides 20-inch wheels as standard. This might be normal in a prototype, but it draws attention in an ordinary minivan. Continue reading-The Three Best Cars For Young People

Normally, if we opt for larger tires we will be forced to mount tires of a lower profile. This has a significant economic disadvantage, as it will increase the maintenance fee. In this type of tires, the imperfections of the road are also more noticeable and will affect the suspension more, due to the logic that there is less distance from the ground.

In general, riding larger wheels increases the rolling resistance. This means that there is an increase in vehicle consumption, in some cases increasing the registration tax. It will also affect the agility of the car and the benefits will be reduced. In addition, having a higher center of gravity and a higher weight will increase the inertia.

riding larger tires

But not everything is inconvenient. If you opt for a large tire you will also improve the grip considerably. In most cases, it means that you get a better step on the curve and that’s why many sports ride. Although at this point we must take into account the width of the tire, because in the widest also the aquaplaning appears before. Having a greater contact surface with the asphalt would also get the car to brake something better. Keep reading larger tires

In short, riding larger wheels has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a very personal decision because there are people who give more importance to aesthetics and another who thinks more about economics. In any case, it is worth weighing the pros and cons of each type of tire, as well as later studying which are the best tires for the car.

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