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How to identify a leak in the radiator

leak in the radiator

A leak in the radiator can be one of the worst nightmares of any motorist and, if not repaired in time, can ruin your car engine.

Having the basics of mechanics can help you save a few tens of euros a year on maintaining your automobile. And knowing how to identify and how to repair a leak in the radiator not only helps you save money but can save the life of your car’s engine.

The radiator is primarily responsible for cooling the fluids that keep the engine and gearbox temperature at optimum levels for greater efficiency and performance. If you are in the middle of a long trip or stuck in traffic, a leak in the radiator can be a huge headache.

In those times when more workload is required on the engine and cooling systems, any anomaly can become fatal and, if not repaired in time, can, among many other problems, burn the tail gasket, or even, in extreme cases, cause your car to burn.

But modern radiators are mostly made of high-quality aluminum and plastics, and if good coolants are always used, radiators can withstand more than 250,000 kilometers. However, it is important to note that only construction quality is not a rule to avoid leaks, and it is important to always be aware of the first signs of a leak in the radiator.



Modern cars usually have a plastic reservoir with the indication of minimum and maximum levels of antifreeze fluids for your radiator. It is important to check these values frequently. If you notice that the levels are descending over time, then you will probably have an escape.

2.BE AWARE OF STAINS ON THE FLOORleak in the radiator

If you notice some stains on the floor in the engine area in the garage of your house or where you usually park your car, check the levels of the coolants. Usually, these spots are synonymous with something that is not good for your engine and is leaking. Continue Reading-The Three Best Cars For Young People

3.BE AWARE OF ENGINE TEMPERATUREleak in the radiator

The radiator is primarily responsible for keeping the engine temperature of your car approximately 90 degrees. If you notice that the temperature in the indicator rises above 90. It is best to stop your car and check for any leaks in the radiator area.

HOW TO REPAIR A RADIATOR LEAKleak in the radiator


These products are sold on any commercial surface and are relatively inexpensive. Although there are many brands, the procedure is always the same. Make sure the engine is rested and cool, and add this liquid to your radiator. Then run your car for 10 minutes and run a few miles for the liquid to seal all leaks.


The epoxy resin can be used to repair leaks visible on the outside of the radiator. It can also be purchased on any commercial surface specialized in automotive products. Clean the area where the leak was detected with a degreaser. With the engine cool, place a thick layer of epoxy resin under the area. Let the resin stand overnight, and the next day your radiator should not leak.


Egg yolks will not be as durable a solution as the previous two but will serve perfectly to take your car home. Or even to the mechanic if the distance is relatively short. Separate the yolks from 5 eggs, pour them into the radiator and leave the car to work for 10 minutes. The yolks should coagulate and cover small leaks.


Pepper, like egg yolks, will be just a solution that will allow you to roll to the nearest mechanic. With the engine cool and rested, place about half a bottle of black pepper for cooking. Then run the engine for 10 minutes. The pepper, with the pressure, should be lodged in the leaks and withstand the internal pressure to make the water circulate between the circuit.

These solutions will only be momentary and will only allow you to run normally only a few tens of kilometers. It is recommended that you visit a mechanic as soon as possible and perform a complete repair or replacement of your radiator.

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