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The 5 cheapest electric scooter of the moment

cheapest electric scooter

The electric scooters are here to stay. They have done it with controversy, and in some cities, they are not completely welcome in all areas, but what is clear is that they are means of transport that have come to revolutionize the journey from home to the subway, to work or to a meeting with friends. We share the best cheapest electric scooter for you.

They are easy to transport devices, we can load them at home, they have plenty of autonomy for everyday journeys and they are respectful with the environment, since, logically, they do not have CO2 emissions. There are many manufacturers that are getting on the ” scooter ” in this fashion, creating devices in a segment that dominates Xiaomi with its m365, and the best of the competition is that there are very good cheap electric scooters.

Then, or we have what are the 5 best electric scooters cheaper at the moment, ideal scooters to test if you are curious, but maybe you do not want to go for the 500 euros of a high range.

The best cheapest electric scooter

GScooter S6cheapest electric scooter

It is clear that, if we want the cheapest electric scooter possible, we must make some concessions. There are electric scooters for less than 100 euros. But they are models for children, and the models for adults are very weak. Therefore, one of the best cheap electric scooters we can buy is GScooter S6.

It is not the most advanced, but for 170 euros, it is worth trying this scooter that reaches about 20 kilometers per hour and allows us to enjoy about 10-15 kilometers of autonomy. This is not ideal, since it is much less than the 30 of the scooter of Xiaomi, for example, but it costs less than half …

It has front and rear LED, as well as a folding design and a screen on which to measure different parameters, such as speed and load.

Something interesting, in addition, is that it has three-speed programs to limit the speed of the scooter and, thus, adapt it to various ages and, above all, take care of autonomy.


The Megawheels is a cheap electric scooter that cares something more design. And has better performance without the price rise too.

Thus, we have a maximum speed of 23 kilometers per hour with a range of 8 to 12 kilometers. Autonomy is one of the points where manufacturers lower costs to lower the price. Something interesting is that it has a fairly contained weight. In addition to being foldable, has a handlebar adjustable in height.

It has a dual braking system, as well as brake light (no front light). And for 200 euros is a great option if you want an electric scooter as cheap as possible.

Shark Eye Mobilitycheapest electric scooter

If you are curious but do not want to spend a lot of money, the Shark Eye Mobility is one of the best cheap electric scooters we can buy. He has very good opinions and, although the design is not his thing, nor the battery, is the most interesting.

At the level of specifications, we have about 300 W of power, which translates into about 25 kilometers per hour of maximum speed. However, the battery is something small, only 5,200 mAh that guarantee us about 14 kilometers of autonomy. If we are close to work or the subway, there is no problem. But we will suffer in somewhat longer journeys.

It supports 100 kg of weight and has a design that does not particularly attract attention. But with details such as front and rear LED light, a screen to measure autonomy and speed and a button to play the horn. For 260 euros on Amazon, it is a very interesting product.

Brigmton Bmi-365-ncheapest electric scooter

The next scooter in the list of the cheapest electric scooter we can buy is the Brigmton BMI 365n, a scooter that, at first glance, is a clone of the Xiaomi, but for about 150 euros less than the scooter of the Chinese brand.

It has some interesting features, although it is clear that in this case, the brand has preferred to cut technical characteristics instead of robust design (something that certain users will appreciate because the design is very important in these scooters. This is one of the best cheapest electric scooter.

It has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and a range of 20 kilometers. This is foldable, has plenty of power to take some costs. And it is one of the best alternatives to the scooter of Xiaomi. In addition, for 269 euros, it is worth trying. Since it is one of the best cheap electric scooters we can buy.

And, of course, the scooter of Xiaomi

And we finished, as it can not be otherwise, with the electric scooter of Xiaomi. It is the most popular electric scooter in our streets. And one of the most popular in the domestic area around the world. So much so that many brands have copied their design (so much that they look like clones).

It is a scooter with robust construction and a great value for money. It has 30 kilometers of autonomy, we have all the data in the app. And a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

In addition, it has LED lights both front and back and most intuitive handling. It is, as we say, the most popular electric scooter and its price is usually around 400 euros. However, there are specific offers with which we can find something cheaper, such as the 355 euros of Media Markt.

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