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10 Legend Muscle Car

Muscle Car

At the end of the 60s, a mythical race of cars was born in the United States: the Muscle Car. Aggressive line, gigantic engines and crazy performances on the program. Here are our 10 favorites.

Here are the10 Legend Muscle Car

Ford Mustang GT390 FastbackMuscle Car

With James Bond’s Aston-Martin DB5, it’s probably the best-known movie car. Thanks to the incredible 11-minute chase ofBullitt, where it’s driven by Steve McQueen. The best-selling American sports car at the time, the Mustang was a huge success from day one. First available with small engines, it will quickly become a myth with the impressive Shelby versions. With their more aggressive grille and fastback line, the ’67 and ’68 models are probably the most beautiful – before growing in 1969. Like hamburgers, Mustang has since become an American institution.

Chevrolet Camaro SS 1969Muscle Car

Launched in 1967 to thwart the insolent success of the Ford Mustang. The Camaro was what is called a Pony Car: a small sports coupe with a modest engine (all to be taken on an American scale, of course). But soon big V8 will appear under the hoods of these economic cars. Which will therefore naturally entitled to name Muscle Car. The ’69 version of the Camaro is probably the best known. With its front V, taken again for the design of the current neo-retro model. It was used as a pace car in Indianapolis that year. Which resulted in a limited series recognizable by its colors: white with an orange stripe.

Dodge Charger DaytonaMuscle Car

If a Charger ’68 failed miserably to pursue Detective Bullitt’s Ford Mustang in the eponymous film, the 1969 Daytona version was a game changer. His goal? Beat the Ford permanently in NASCAR races. Based on the ’69 model (known on TV as the famous General Lee of the Duke brothers ). It sports an aerodynamic package designed to beat on the rings of speed. Impressive rear wing and faired front panel with headlights pop-ups. She easily won the 1970 title, becoming the first NASCAR car timed at over 200 mph (320 km / h), before giving way to her cousin at the near-identical line: the Plymouth Superbird.

Oldsmobile 442Muscle Car

Originally a simple finish – and one of the first Muscle Car in history – thefour-four-two becomes a full-fledged model in the Oldsmobile range in 1968. Its name leaves no doubt about its sporting intentions: 4 carburetors – 4 speeds – 2 exhaust lines; which for the time was pretty good. Equipped with excellent handling for the time, the 442 was used as a base for the Hurst / Olds models, made in collaboration with the famous American tuner. In a pure delirium of psychedelia (that was at the time), the 442 was presented in commercials by Dr. Oldsmobile assisted by Ernie Elephant Engine, Wind Tunnel Waldo, and Hy Spy … N ‘

Plymouth Road RunnerMuscle Car

Road Runner is the English name ofBip-Bip, the famous Grand Gocoucou (the official name of the species) pursued by Will E.Coyote, in the cartoonWarner. Plymouth paid $ 50,000 for the license (compared to $ 4,000 for the car) and equipped the Road Runner with a horn. That mimicked the famous beep-beep emitted by the purple bird. Developed as a “low cost” Muscle Car, it was a hit, positioning itself behind the Chevelle SS in terms of sales in 1969 and was elected by Motor Trend Car of the Year. Continue Reading-7 Spanish Car Brands That You Probably Do Not Know

Pontiac GTO “The Judge”Muscle Car

In 1963, the General Motors group banned its subsidiaries from participating in car races. Pontiac, known for its race cars, decided to get around the problem by creating a car for … street racing. The idea came from John de Lorean (yes, the same who realized the DeLorean Back to the Future ). It was enough to replace the engine of an average sedan with a huge V8 and the trick was played. Thus was born the first muscle car of history, the Pontiac GTO, in 1964 – whose name was piqued to Ferrari. Ultimate version: the 1969 Judge equipped with a 370hp V8, unbeatable acceleration on mile. Unstoppable slogan: “you can buy the judge”. Well seen!

Buick GSXMuscle Car

The sporty version of the Skylark coupe will take the name of “Skylark GS” – for “Grand Sport” – then “GSX” for versions equipped with the high-performance pack. Available only in Saturn yellow and Apollo white, black stripe and hood, the GSX can be recognized by their rear spoiler, bucket seats and especially … speedometer placed on the hood – behind a protective shell! Despite the use of the Doors song ” Light my fire ” for its promotion, it did not light the masses. only 678 GSX ’70 were produced despite their immense qualities.

Plymouth BarracudaMuscle Car

Launched in 1964, just before the Mustang, the Barracuda was the first Pony Car. The third version, dating back to 1970, had nothing to do with the early autos. It was an imposing coupe on the ultra-aggressive line. And the drawing very close to that of his cousin, the Dodge Challenger. With its 7.2l engine of 425 hp, flashy colors with unlikely names ( Vitamin-C, Moulin-Rouge …) and its delirious options (the Shaker Hood, a huge area. Which crosses the hood and vibrates to the rhythm of the engine) the ‘Cuda ’70 is undoubtedly the most representative Muscle Car of his time.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396Muscle Car

SS, for Super Sport, of course – were you thinking of something else? To meet the competition of the Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet decided to make its own muscle car based on its mid-size Chevelle. Originally named Malibu SS in 1964, she became Chevelle SS for the year 1966. Available in coupe and cabriolet, she is powered by a big-block V8 396 cc developing up to 360 horses – considered at the time as one of the best engines in the world. In 1970, the last Chevelle SS will be equipped with monstrous engine 7,0l (427 ci) 450 hp! A cult dynasty with confirmed success: in 1969, the SS Chevelle was the best selling Muscle Car in the USA.

Dodge Challenger R / T 1971Muscle Car

The best known of the Dodge Challenger R / T is a white model of 1970 (first vintage) that drives Kowalski at full speed from Denver to San Francisco in Point Limit Zero ( Vanishing Point, 1971). Before ending tragically – to which Quentin Tarantino pays tribute in Boulevard de la Mort ( Death Proof, 2007). But our favorite is the ’71 version hemispherical cylinder, equipped with a good big V8 425 hp. Absolutely unbeatable in thestreet-race that transformed the slightest straight line between two red lights in a drag race.

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