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5 keys to know how an autonomous car works

autonomous car

Every timeless is needed so that cars without driver circulate on the roads. In fact, the first car without the steering wheel or pedals of General Motors will begin to be commercialized from 2019. It is a vehicle based on the electric Chevrolet Volt. Which will have an investment of 81 million euros for its development and updating. However, seeing the advances that start to share the leading companies in the sector. A fundamental question arises: do we really know how an autonomous car works?

For those who still have some doubts, we analyze this type of vehicle in five keys.

1.Advanced technologiesautonomous car

This type of car has installed a series of cameras, radars, and sensors. That helps you to perceive everything that you have around you. That is to say, these tools are their “eyes” on the road so that they can distinguish the different obstacles and recognize the path they are traveling through.

Together, this technology is known as the omnidirectional line and its reach reaches a radius of 120 meters with respect to the vehicle. For now, Velodyne is the main supplier of levies, but in recent months. Others in the autonomous car industry are working to create their own version of them. For more information, click on the link that we show below these lines. Keep reading

2.How do they perceive the environment?autonomous car

Autonomous cars have software that allows them to analyze information in real time. For this, they have high-resolution 3D maps and use them to compare them with the information they obtain from the aforementioned tools. Thus, they get a more global and reliable view of the route they are going to cover.

In addition, vehicles with autonomous technology perceive mobile objects. They add to their evaluation of the ground, taking into account these objects. For example, they distinguish if there is a pedestrian crossing the road. A police officer controlling traffic or react to the movements of other cars. Continue reading-Which Is Better, Jaguar E-Pace Or BMW X2

3.Are they capable of making their own decisions?

This type of models should not only be circular. Normally, the demands of traffic cause the driver to take a series of unforeseen decisions. But in the case of autonomous cars, this responsibility falls on the vehicle itself. Which acts according to algorithms developed by the manufacturer. We will return to this late.

4.Autonomous cars still need driver supervision

A system that is fully autonomous (level 5) has not yet been achieved and human intervention is still required to monitor that everything works correctly. In this way, the person inside the vehicle must pay attention continues to be able to react in case the car has not perceived any obstacle or traffic signal. At the moment, the brands need to perfect the systems to detect the light signals. Because autonomous cars are not yet able to know if a traffic light is green or red.

5.”Nervous system”

As they express in Autocosmos, the control that an autonomous car has over itself can be similar to that which humans have over our bodies thanks to the nervous system. Thus, they have a network of electrical signals that let them know how to activate the brakes, the direction, and speed, just like we do when we move our arms and legs with the signals that our brain emits.

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