The ten best cheapest cars with an automatic box

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On the list from small models to compact sedans. And different types of transmissions. And we shareten best cheapest cars with an automatic box.

That idea that we Argentines like to “throw away changes” is being forgotten. The congestion of traffic that is experienced in large cities (and not so big). And its surroundings leads to more and more users opting for a vehicle with an automatic box.

In the past, this type of transmissions was only reserved for the largest and most expensive models of each of the brands. And they were more common among luxury manufacturers, reasons to spare that have not been popular.

In addition, the automatic boxes that were a couple of decades ago were slow, no more than four gears and could lead to consuming up to 20% more fuel than another version with the same engine but with the manual transmission.

In recent years, the automatic gearboxes have evolved a lot and today it is possible to find them in different types of models, from small cars and compact sedans to urban SUVs, all with popular characteristics.

These are the ten models with the cheapest automated transmission in the country (the explanation of the operation and the characteristics of the different types of automatic boxes is at the end of the list).

The ten best cheapest cars with an automatic box are-

1. Volkswagen Up! Move i-Motion $ 277,967best cheapest cars

German brand uses the name i-Motion to designate their models with robotized box. It is the smallest vehicle that Volkswagen sells in the country and the operation of its transmission is ideal for urban use. This is equipped with a three-cylinder engine, 1.0-liter displacement, and 75 horses. It also has the option to change gears manually. It is one of the best cheapest cars.

2.Nissan Versa Sense A T $ 302,200best cheapest cars

This compact sedan is characterized by having a very good interior space (of the best in its category) and a good load capacity in its trunk. Its gearbox is torque converter and has only four relations. It is combined with a gasoline engine of 1.6 liters and 107 horsepower. With the same mechanics, the Japanese brand also offers the March, a 5-door that costs $ 319,300.

3. Toyota Etios XLS AT $ 306,400best cheapest cars

The small car of Toyota already offers in the middle of its range of versions this variant with an automatic box. It is a four-speed transmission that is combined with a naphtero engine of 1.5 liters and 103 horsepower. Cruise control is highlighted in its equipment. There is another more equipped version (Platinum, which costs $ 330,100), two other options but with a four-door body (XLS at $ 317,400 and Platinum at $ 341,100) and a variant with an adventurous look (Cross, at $ 331,500).

4.Chevrolet Onix LTZ AT $ 320,900best cheapest cars

Only the most equipped version of this Chevrolet hatchback is available with the automatic gearbox. It is a transmission of the six-speed torque converter. It is attached to a 1.4-liter, 98-hp naphtero engine. Its equipment includes cruise control. It is one of the best cheapest cars.

5.Chevrolet Prisma LTZ AT $ 339,400best cheapest cars

It is the Sedan version of the Onix but it is marketed under the name of Prism. This offers the same mechanical assembly as its five-door “brother” (6-speed automatic transmission and 1.4-hp 1.4-hp engine). It differs in that it offers a greater load capacity in the trunk and adds a reversing camera. Continue reading-The three best cars for young people

6.Volkswagen Polo Trendline $ 352.302best cheapest cars

This model has just been presented in our market and the configuration of its range clearly shows how preferences are changing in terms of a gearbox, since half of its offer (three of six) come with automatic transmission. It is a torque converter box, with six ratios, which is attached to a 1.6-liter naphtero engine and 110 horsepower. Its equipment highlights the side airbags (in addition to the mandatory front) and stability control. The other automatic versions cost $ 406,090 (Comfort Plus) and $ 450,706 (Highline).It is one of the best cheapest cars.

7.Fiat Argo Precision AT $ 365,700best cheapest cars

It was one of the great novelties of last year for our market and its range offers this version with a six-speed box that is combined with a naphtero engine of 1.8 liters and 130 horsepower. The transmission has the possibility of passing the gears manually and with the option of doing so by means of cams located behind the steering wheel. The electronic stability control stands out from its equipment.It is one of the best cheapest cars in current time.

8.Ford Fiesta SE AT $ $ 370,600best cheapest cars

This model that has just been updated offers three versions with an automatic box within its range. All come with a double clutch transmission and is attached to a naphtero engine of 1.6 liters and 120 horsepower. Another particularity of this box is that to make a manual gear step, it has two small buttons, one ascending and one descending, on the right side of the knob of the lever. The other automatic versions cost $ 386,000 (SE Plus Powershift) and $ 427,300 (Titanium Powershift).

9. BAIC X25 AT US $ 19,100 ($ 379,135 with the dollar at 19.85)best cheapest cars

The first model of Chinese origin of this list is an SUV but with urban characteristics. It has a body of 4.11 meters long and many aesthetic details that make reference to the off-road. But it is a front-wheel drive, with a naphtero engine of 1.5 liters and 115 horses and a four-speed automatic transmission. Its equipment includes cruise control and reversing camera, among other systems.

10. Peugeot 208 Allure Tiptronic $ 387,800best cheapest cars

Late last year, this model received some improvements, one of which was the addition of a new automatic transmission. The change was more than positive since now the transmission has six changes instead of the four of the previous version. It is combined with a 1.6-liter engine and 115 horsepower. It has the option of the manual gear shift and can be done either from the lever or from the two levers located behind the steering wheel. This mechanic is also available in the most equipped version (Feline) and costs $ 437,700. It is one of the best cheapest cars in current time.

Types of automatic boxesbest cheapest cars

But to choose it is also good to know the different types of automatisms available in our market since not all boxes work in the same way and it depends what we make no mistake in the choice according to our tastes and preferences.

Robotized:best cheapest cars

its base is a manual gearbox but it receives that name because just the action of the clutch and disengage to connect a gear is robotized. That’s why they do not have a clutch pedal. They usually offer a manual step option (the driver chooses when to raise or lower a change) and a fully automated one. These boxes are characterized by having a very slow pace, especially when the acceleration is strong.

Torque converter:best cheapest cars

it is a mechanism that replaces the traditional clutch and is the one that makes the connection between the gearbox and the engine. It is the most used system among automatic transmissions. And in general, it is usually the one that provides more comfort due to the smoothness that it has in each step of walking.

CVT or Continuous Variation:best cheapest cars

the name of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT by its name in English) refers to the possibility of offering infinite relationships in its operation. Each gear in a gearbox is composed of a gear that has a particular size. And that meshes with another each time that gear is selected.

But the CVT boxes are composed of two conical pulleys that can vary their diameter and thus allow the chain that joins them and transmits the strength of the engine, have an infinite variability of relationships. The feeling is like being accelerating a moped. Without bumps or twitches as there is no specific relationship change as with any other gear.

The CVT boxes are characterized for being very comfortable transmissions. For the smoothness of their operation. But when you need to accelerate a lot, they give the feeling of not responding with the requested energy. The noise generated by the engine when accelerating is not related to the speed gain.

Double clutch:best cheapest cars

as the name implies are boxes composed of two clutches. One of them is in charge of the even gears and the other of the odd gears. So that there are always two gear gears but one is disengaged. When changing gear, one of the clutches is uncoupled while the other is engaged.

That is why these boxes are very fast in their march and are very efficient. For example, an engine with a double clutch box accelerates faster and consumes less fuel than with a manual transmission.

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