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This is the story of Ferrari’s fastest convertible

Ferrari's fastest convertible

The manufacturer returns to present its most powerful vehicle. The second version of the hybrid is convertible and more aerodynamic.

In May 2013, the team presented two of the nine concepts in which it was working: Tensostruttura and Manta. Both were part of the same project, F150. Two years of testing in the air tunnel and fine care in every detail had to happen so that the Geneva Motor Show would become the stage in which the fruit of so much effort would be made known: LaFerrari.

Ferrari's fastest convertible

The vehicle would become the heir to rampant Cavallino icons, such as the 288 GTO, the F40, the F50 and more recently the FXX (non-street) and the Enzo. As with the latter, the engineers behind LaFerrari sought advice from the legendary Formula 1 (F1) drivers of the brand. Michael Schumacher participated in the development of Enzo and Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in the new model. In both cases, the goal was none other than to bring the technology of the tracks to the roads.

The difference with previous references is abysmal, and that is confirmed by its name, which in Spanish is translated as El Ferrari, a wink that tries to say that it is the definitive self. As Luca di Montezemolo, president of the brand, said during his presentation: “LaFerrari concentrates all our experience accumulated in recent years in Formula 1 and is the best example of our unique engineering and advanced experience in design as a company “.

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From where it is seen, it is a historical vehicle. Not only is the first hybrid built by Ferrari in 70 years, it is also the fastest hybrid it has ever made. That’s why the Hy-Kers system, imported from F1, is powered by the V12 engine inherited from the Enzo, which, renewed with atmospheric technology, gives 800 horsepower. If you add the power of the electric motor of 120 kilowatts, it reaches up to 963 horses, a figure that allows you to reach without difficulty the 350 km / h.

Although the engineers recommend not to use it in electric mode alone, because it does not have enough autonomy, the supercar is still friendly to the environment. It generates 330 g / km of CO2, 50% less than its predecessor. Another aspect that helps you gain speed, apart from being a hallmark of the brand, is its exterior design. The monocoque that serves as a chassis was built with four different types of carbon fiber in the Maranello factory, making it the first Ferrari that has not had Pininfarina design since 1973. Its weight, only 1,100 kg.

Inside it is not only remarkable the seven-speed gearbox and double clutch, controlled from the rudder. Also the fact in F1, the seat is made to the measure of the driver and is embedded in the passenger compartment. This feature forces the steering wheel and the pedals to have to be electrically adjusted to the pilot. Of LaFerrari only 499 units were manufactured, that soon they were exhausted.

Ferrari's fastest convertible

Fortunately for the lovers of the brand, its 70 years celebrates them with a new version of LaFerrari, the Aperta, of which 209 units will be made. The name surprises, since in general the convertible versions of the Ferrari are usually called Spider, but, again, it is a special car. So much so that it was presented twice. First at the Paris Motor Show last year and then at the Geneva Motor Show a few weeks ago.

To have made it convertible has its merit. Taking into account that the power lines of a coupe, those that give it its aerodynamic characteristics and allow it to surpass 350 km / h, are on the roof, the lack of it was a problem. The solution of the Italian engineers was to change the opening angle of the doors (no longer open upwards) and reinforce the lines of the lower sides, allowing the vehicle to maintain the original figures and became the fastest convertible in history.

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