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The 5 Types of Car Batteries in 2018

The 5 Types of Car Batteries in 2018

There are many different types of best car batteries. A car battery is used to start the vehicle, power the lights, and much more … When you drive your car’s engine, it constantly charges the battery. In any case, these batteries have a limited life, and at some point, you should replace them. There are many different types of batteries, and you must choose which is the best for your car and your circumstances since for example, a deep cycle battery is not the best for all cars.

Humid cell battery:The 5 Types of  Car Batteries in 2018

This is one of the most common batteries that exist. It is very popular because it is the most economical. The design of the battery uses plates that are suspended freely. These plates are isolated from each other, the negative plate is completely sealed in a separate place. They do not require maintenance and are completely sealed. The fluid in the battery will stay until it dies and you do not have to worry about it. These batteries cost from $ 50 to several hundred dollars depending on the brand you buy.

Calcium battery:The 5 Types of  Car Batteries in 2018

These batteries have plates made of a calcium alloy. This calcium reduces the amount of fluid that the battery loses, which causes the auto discharge rate to be much slower. The big disadvantage they have is that you can definitely damage the battery if you overload it. The bubbles that flow into the liquid are important since they are responsible for mixing the different densities of the acids. You can usually find these batteries for less than $100 as they are also very common.

VRLA Batteries (Gel and AGM):The 5 Types of  Car Batteries in 2018

The abbreviations mean: “Valve regulated lead acid”, This name describes the safety valves that are in the battery box, these valves are pressurized. Inside the box contains a gas in a liquid state to be pressurized, so any chance of fluid loss is lost. There are 2 basic designs for VRLA batteries: Gel or AGM. Gel batteries use silicone to make the acid more solid as if it were a gel. This type of battery, in general, is very good but it is not the best for a starter battery, they also cost between 100 and 250 dollars. AGM batteries, instead of using water or a gel, use a fiberglass separator to hold the electrolyte in place, which causes the internal resistance to be very low. It is a perfect battery to start the engine since it allows to supply a lot of power from a very small battery.

Deep cycle batteries:The 5 Types of  Car Batteries in 2018

Deep cycle batteries provide power for a long time. They are commonly used in small boats, golf carts, or electric cars. You will also find them in the solar energy industry and wind turbines to store energy. These batteries have thicker plates as this increases their load capacity. Normally they are not used in cars since they have a high discharge ratio, this means that the battery would discharge very quickly. So if you did not use your car for a long time you would find the battery almost discharged. Deep cycle batteries are expensive and the cheapest start at 180 dollars. This one is one of thebest car batteries.

Lithium-Ion Batteries:The 5 Types of  Car Batteries in 2018

Some high-end or limited edition vehicles offer this type of battery. Normally they are used for powering electric cars since they are much lighter and this gives greater autonomy to the vehicles. The 911 race porch of 2010 uses a lithium battery to start it. They are the most expensive batteries, and their price starts at 985 dollars too much more. This also one of thebest car batteries.

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