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The keys to buying a second-hand electric car

buying a second-hand electric car

Electric cars are relatively recent in our market. A few years ago they became popular in our streets and, as expected, little by little they are entering the second-hand market. We share the keys to buying a second-hand electric car.

But are they the same as thermals? To buy a used one, what do we have to look at? We give a series of tips to make a wise choice so that we can take home the car that fits our needs … and avoid last minute surprises.

The keys to buying a second-hand electric car

Usebuying a second-hand electric car

Before we start looking at anything, we have to be sure that an electric car is what we need. We must remember that these mechanics have begun to overcome the 300 km of autonomy relatively recently so if you intend to perform more than 150 km a day, you probably need another type of mechanics.

In case your distance to travel is lower, one with a battery of between 30 and 40 kWh will be more than enough to cover our distances.


Batteries lose capacity with the passage of kilometers and charges. Thus, it is convenient to make a test that approaches the autonomy limit established by its homologation. A real driving test is the best way to know how much your battery has worn out and its autonomy has been reduced. It is an important key to buying a second-hand electric car.

Of course, we must remember that elements such as heating, air conditioning, lights or audio equipment significantly reduce your mileage. If it allows autonomy of around 90% of the figure that marks its homologation, it can be a good option.

Autonomybuying a second-hand electric car

Keep in mind that electric cars still have very limited autonomy. And that the battery runs out with a user on the road than in the city. Therefore, one has to know the real autonomy of the vehicle that is willing to acquire and the use that it will give. A battery of 24 kWh will enjoy a range of between 80 and 130 km while a battery of 40 kWh will extend the distance traveled between 200 km and 280 km. It is an important key to buying a second-hand electric car.


The engine of an electric car is simpler as well as its mechanics. Being all electronic there is little room for a surprise with the engine. If the car shows any deficiency, it shows quickly. As for the rest of the vehicle, routine checks should be made: sheet metal condition, tire wear, suspensions and brakes, excessive and irregular wear on interior parts of the car …


Although it is not something that today is produced, there was a time when some brands tried to impose as a trend the rent of the battery instead of selling it on the property. This allowed reducing several thousand euros its sale price. Although the user had to subscribe to a renting service, so it is a fact to take into account to set the price we are going to pay. The amounts of this renting service may vary, depending on the use and the brand.

In the event that it is necessary to change batteries or buy them, they cost between 5,000 and 6,000 dollars.

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Residual valuebuying a second-hand electric car

Electric vehicles tend to lose value very soon. Its public is still small and it is a technology that evolves with a lot of agility so that technologies become obsolete in a short time. This is a fact to take into account when negotiating a price with the seller (in case there is an option to modify it). A stopped vehicle loses profit margin very fast.

This same principle can be applied to those who buy an electric car thinking it will be an investment.


In this case, as it is not a new registration, you will not be able to count on the aids such as the new Moves Plan. In your case, it only remains to consult the regulations of the cities in which you circulate as well as in the communities to know the benefits of this type of mechanics.

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