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Gasoline or diesel? Some tips to decide when buying a car

Gasoline or diesel

Gasoline or diesel-Each type of engine is best suited to a type of consumption. So it is convenient to know its characteristics

Beyond the rescued “gasoline has more nerve” and “diesel consumes less”. When buying a car and decide what type of engine you want to bet. It is necessary to know the characteristics of each and which is adapted better to use the vehicle.

The purchase and consumption price ofGasoline or dieselGasoline or diesel

Cars with diesel engines are more expensive than gasoline cars. However, its consumption is also lower and its fuel is cheaper so it can compensate for the higher initial outlay.

Thus, the typical driver who does many kilometers a year would be more profitable this option taking into account only these two factors although there are others that should be assessed.

In addition, in recent years the market for gasoline cars has become more competitive in terms of efficiency in consumption and the difference is decreasing. Keep reading-Three advantages of having a diesel car

The price of maintenanceGasoline or dieselGasoline or diesel

In case of breakdown, the maintenance costs of the diesel car are higher while the price of parts and repairs of gasoline cars are cheaper, although its engine may have less life.

On the other hand, diesel engines tend to be more taxed in circulation taxes than their opponents because their engines tend to be larger and its regulation is expected to gradually harden.

City or highway?Gasoline or diesel

By city, the operation of the gasoline engine is usually better than that of diesel. While the second option is recommended for road or off-highway use.

The reason for this relationship is that the journeys in the city are usually shorter, full of stops and starts at traffic lights and traffic jams, which makes it more difficult for a diesel to reach the optimum temperature. Consequently, in this scenario, he suffers and consumes more.

The emissionsGasoline or diesel

In the past, diesel was believed to emit less carbon dioxide, which attracted aid to its manufacturers, tax cuts and consumers worried about this aspect.

However, more recent studies indicate that they can be more polluting than gasoline. So this attraction effect will be diluted in favor of electric cars and hybrids.

Already several European city councils have announced the ban on diesel starting in 2025. And brands such as Volvo will start manufacturing hybrid or electric cars only after 2019.

At the moment, the option of hybrids accumulates only 4% of purchases. Although a promising future for this market can be predicted. Provided that governments and manufacturers strive to promote it.

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