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Formula 1 Bets – Start in pole position and win

Get out of the pits, earn the pole position, accelerate to the maximum and brake sharply. Narrow curve, overtaking in speed, protagonists of the circus … What are we talking about? None other than Formula 1, the world linked to engines par excellence. We cannot, therefore, go to analyze the best way to bet on this sport and what are the bookmakers that allow you to place bets on Formula 1.

Formula 1 betting is definitely a different world than football betting. Although it is not a new market, its popularity in our country does not reach that of the ball. However, the number of bettors is increasing, which has led operators to offer more and more betting options. As we have previously said, it is not easy to bet on Formula 1 for those unfamiliar with this sport as there are a considerable number of variables to take into account. If all this can be an obstacle for novice players, that fact becomes a positive feature for the more experienced and looking for something more.

Let’s see the names of the best operators for Formula 1 bets. Definitely one of the bookmakers in which to bet on the F1 that offers more variety is bet365.

The operator offers the beauty of 28 markets dedicated to Formula 1 and the world of engines, and at the moment this is undoubtedly the highest number available.

Even William Hill is not far behind, and although the operator is different from bet365, its promotions are always among the best online. There is no doubt that petrol heads will love the online betting options at William Hill.

So remember to prepare before betting, and do it only if really safe!

Winning GP

Betting on the winner of the Grand Prix, you go to bet on the pilot who will reach the top step of the podium. Very often operators can also bet live this type of bet, so as to give way to follow the race live. If you bet in advance and the driver does not show up for the race, the bet will be considered a loser.

Winning official qualifications

As can easily be guessed from the name, in this case, we aim at the driver who will get the best time during the official qualifying and will be able to start from the first place in the actual race.

Head to head

In this case, the bet goes beyond the winner of the rehearsals or the grand Prix. The choice will be made between two riders proposed by the bookmaker, and we must focus on what will arrive in front of the other. In order for the bet to be considered valid, at least one of the two drivers must complete all the scheduled laps provided for in the race. Otherwise, the bet will be considered void and will be reimbursed.

Point team

With this type of bet you have to bet on the team instead of on the driver, and specifically, the opportunity to win is won by guessing on both machines of the same stable the ability to place points at the end of the Grand Prix. Recall that the points are assigned to the first eight classifieds.

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