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Car World Records

We love our cars and there have been some amazing cars throughout recent history that have broken world records and amazed everyone. Ever since the first combustion engine, humans have tried to push the limits of speed, manoeuvrability and endurance. Here are some of the most impressive car world records:

Fastest drift: 189.49mph

For drifting, Nissans are often chosen and tuned for that purpose. Its no surprise then that the world record for drifting was set by a Nissan GT-R. The Japanese drifting champion Masato Kawabata managed an incredible 189.49mph drift in the GTR, busting the previous record of 135.44mph.

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Longest skid: 6 miles

This is one record that was set purely by accident. The former record holder for the fastest land speed, Craig Breedlove lost control of the jet-propelled vehicle the Spirit of America whilst attempting a land speed record in Utah in 1964. After losing control and applying the breaks, his skid marks were later measured at six miles in length. You might not have a record-breaking car but theres no reason why you cant fit it out like a champ with all the most useful accessories. For a handy Car lap tray, for example, visit

Fastest 1/4 mile by an electric car: 11.85 seconds

This wasnt a modern electric car surprisingly, but an E30 BMW M3 from the eighties. In Croatia on 17th April 2012, one of these models was fitted with a 440kW motor and managed a world record setting quarter mile in just 11.85 seconds. It was travelling at almost 76mph when it set the record and achieved 0-62mph in under 4 seconds.

Fastest tyre change: 58.43 seconds

This record was set in Germany by four tyre specialists from Reifen Umert who completed the fastest wheel change on a road car on 12 September 2015. No fancy technology was used, only traditional wheel braces. The vehicle was a Ford Focus which had to be jacked up and all four wheels changed simultaneously in less than one minute.

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Longest drift: 89.55 miles

The longest drift record belongs to the Toyota GT86, which also holds the record for the fastest drift. Harald Muller from Germany travelled for a whopping 89.55 miles sideways in a drift. The record took place in 2014 in Turkey when Muller spent almost 150 minutes drifting the Toyota around a 235m course. He racked up 612 laps during this time.

Most donuts: 280 donuts

Racing and stunt driver Jamie Morrow achieved an impressive 280 donuts, one after another during an event at Silverstone circuit in England in 2011. He achieved the record driving a Westfield Sport 1600. A crowd of thousands watched him performing the donuts for 17 minutes, beating the previous donut record of 161.

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