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Top 5 car tracking devices

Businesses often rely on vehicles, whether they’re cars, vans or something larger. But it can be difficult for managers to keep track of where their fleet is and how it’s being used. Fortunately, there’s now a range of tracking devices available that can help.

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These gadgets are not just for businesses either: they’re useful for parents worried about what happens when their teenagers borrow the car. They can even help recover stolen vehicles. There are plenty of affordable options, but when buying you need to look carefully at their features and match them against your needs. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular.

Spark Nano

The Spark Nano is a compact and simple-to-use vehicle tracking device. It has a web interface and can be ‘geofenced’ so that it will send out an alert by SMS if the vehicle being tracked strays out of a defined area.

Zoombak Advanced A-GPS

Another device that is easy to install, the Zoombak offers continuous tracking via a website and can issue alerts if the vehicles enters or departs from a defined area. It can send alerts by email or text and maintains a longer log than many other devices. For maximum peace of mind, people often choose to combine a tracker with a camera like these from to get a full record of activity.

Escort Entourage GPS

The Entourage is available as a portable unit or one that can be hard-wired to the vehicle. A monthly subscription allows the vehicle to be tracked in real time. It too can do geofencing to issue alerts by text or email when a vehicle strays from a defined zone.

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Garmin GTU 10

Rather than the monthly fees of the other trackers, the Garmin comes with an annual subscription. This makes it an attractive option financially. As with the others, it can send out alerts when vehicles stray out of an area, and it also retains seven days’ worth of history. The GTU 10 is easy to set up and benefits from a long battery life.


The LoJack isn’t a product you can install yourself – it needs to be done by a dealer. It’s also pricier than the others we’ve looked at here. However, it does have some sophisticated features, including being able to report stolen vehicles directly to the police.

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