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Three Best Mobile Apps For Truckers

The trucking industry has been very lucrative over the last few years, and it is also competitive. The lives of truck drivers have never been easy as they need to be aware of the increasing regulations as also cater to the demands of customers, which are also ever-increasing.

However, technology has been able to relieve a bit of this stress from truck drivers in the form of trucking apps that were personally tailored for truck drivers. In this article from best casino sites, we will be listing a few of these trucking apps.

Trucker Path

Trucker Path app is probably the most popular app for truck drivers, and it is, arguably, the best too. It has all the answers. If you’re looking for a decent truck stop to shower and rest, you’re trying to find a parking spot or routes for your truck, or you wish to weigh your truck and pay using your smartphone. All that can be done using the Trucker Path app.

With the Trucker Path app, you’ll have access to features like the Truckstop locator, Fuel Station locator, Trip Planner, Weigh stations, and many more. Trucker Path has always been a top and popular choice for truckers across the globe just like online pokies.


KeepTruckin is another popular app that plays a pivotal role in connecting trucking fleets to dispatchers and their home offices. It makes it easy for truck drivers to interact with their dispatchers and it can send live locations to show them where they are located at any specific time. This makes life easy for truck drivers while ensuring transparency for the customers.

The KeepTruckin app is currently the highest-rated ELD system on the app market, and it is being used by over 40,000 companies for their drivers. KeepTruckin has several amazing features like vehicle inspection reports, Proactive violation alerts, document management, messaging, Task Recaps and many more.

uShip Mobile

uShip Mobile is quite popular amongst truckers, it can be considered the eBay of transportation jobs. It is highly trusted in the transportation world as drivers and shippers can interact to take on transport jobs.

With the uShip mobile app, people can easily post a transport job on the app’s feed, and all the truckers nearby will be able to see the job details. Truckers will then have to bid on how much they’ll charge for the job, and the shipper will choose from the bids. It also has features like viewing and managing shipments, route suggestions, in-app uShip payment and many more.

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