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How to Protect Yourself Against Car Crime

Car crime is still a huge problem, even as technology improves. Almost 700,000 incidents of vehicle related thefts occurred between 2020 and 2021. The best way to protect yourself against car crime is to never leave your keys in your car. While smash-and-grab thieves are not likely to take your vehicle, leaving your keys in your ignition is an easy target for a more daring thief. Many thieves are aware of the best places to hide keys, so make sure to remove the key from your car before leaving it unattended. In addition to this, lock your doors and keep the windows shut and locked.

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When parking your car, lock the doors and close the windows. Most car thieves look for a quick opportunity to steal a car, so a car with an unlocked door is an easy target. It will also give the thief a low profile and decrease their chances of being caught. Always keep your keys out of sight, and never leave them in the car or unattended. Likewise, when leaving your vehicle unattended, park it in secure areas near street lights and store entrances, for example. Ideally, you should park your vehicle in a garage, so that it is secure and locked away.

Another way to protect yourself against car crime is to install an anti-theft device. You can also purchase tracking devices to help locate stolen cars. If you have a newer or expensive vehicle, consider installing one. These devices may even qualify you for a discount on your insurance. Placing a tracking device in your car makes it much easier for a stolen car to be recovered quickly. They can be very useful in locating stolen cars. For more information on the benefits of a Ghost Immobiliser to prevent your vehicle from being stolen, visit a site like

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Besides putting in anti-theft devices, you can also install alarms in your vehicle. These devices can help alert you if someone starts tampering with your vehicle. Some of these might also qualify you for discounts on your insurance. Good old fashioned techniques like etching the vehicle’s registration into the windows is another smart move.

While locking your car is the most obvious way to protect your vehicle, you should also consider putting anti-theft devices in your vehicle and installing an alarm. These devices can help you track your car when it is stolen, and they may prevent your vehicle from being stolen or broken into at all. By installing these devices in your vehicle, you can reduce the chance of theft and damage. By doing this, you will be able to prevent the thief from stealing your valuables.

So, the best tips for protecting your vehicle include steps like fitting an immobiliser, a wheel lock, alarms and parking your car in well-lit and secure locations.


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