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Preparations and procedures involved when moving home.

Despite the relatively difficult financial climate, house prices have continued to rise and if you sell a property now, you will no doubt get a great price for it.  Of course, you will also pay top money for your new home but lots of families have made the decision to sell up and move, quite often downsizing so that they do make a substantial profit.  If you have decided, it’s time to move home and you’ve spent several months checking out the market and found the perfect property you should declutter your present home and get it on the market. Make sure your house is kept clean and tidy for any potential buyers that will come to view it. If any walls need painting or the garden needs a good tidy up, these jobs should be completed before you have your home valued.  Start putting things in place for your move, obtain lots of sturdy cardboard boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, plenty of bubble wrap to protect your fragile valuables and several rolls of brown packing paper and tape.

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As soon as you have an offer on the table that you are prepared to accept, the packing should begin in earnest. Contacting a moving company is one way to arrange your transition or you could think about the option of moving house yourselves and sort out Van Hire Bristol from a professional company. This could save you quite a lot of money if you are prepared to do all the heavy lifting and carrying yourselves. Getting family and friends to help out on the big moving day will make things a lot quicker and easier for you. Just make sure you provide them with endless cups of tea and pizza for energy and they will be only too happy to volunteer.

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Make sure you inform all your utility companies, the bank, any Doctors Surgeries, the Post Office and all your friends and family of course of your change of address.  Take a final metre reading from your gas and electric metres and make sure to pass them on to your suppliers. If you are downsizing, a house move is the perfect time to get rid of anything that you have not used for a long time or no longer need.  By selling some of your unwanted items you may make some money to help pay for the move.

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