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The three best cars for young people

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Young people are usually those drivers who have less experience at the wheel. This is acquired little by little, but the task becomes much easier if the car does its part.

Not all cars are as practical for a new driver. In addition, young people tend to opt for cheaper options and give more for less. In Motor Zeta we have tried to choose three best cars that meet these requirements, although we will give you the guidelines so that you can go out to the market and find what is most interesting for you.


First of all, we must bear in mind that not all options are equally good. Unless we have removed the card to drive our 7 dogs or to transport, the best thing is to find a compact car. The saloons, family or long minivan will not help us at all to the park or control the distances in traffic, for example. The best thing is to take a car that we can see where it starts and where it ends, to control our movements. Continue reading-New Seat Arona, A Compact SUV For All Audiences


Another common question is whether we should buy a car of gasoline, diesel, electric, hybrid … That is, how is your engine going to be? If you are looking for a car that has to do many kilometers because you live in the countryside, opt for diesel; But if you live in a city, gasoline is not a bad idea. The hybrids are also good for the city, but usually more expensive vehicles.

Now there is also the option to buy a car that runs on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). It is very interesting for young people who are looking to save at the time of refueling since mileage is much cheaper with this type of fuel than with any other (if you want to know more, here is all the information ).

BEST MANUALbest cars

It is also typical to ask if we are looking for a car with the automatic or manual transmission. The best thing would be to opt for the manual. For those who have just taken the license, the automatic transmission can be very attractive, but it is a good idea to take the habit with the manual transmission to be able to carry any other car if one day, for example, you are forced to take the Car a friend or you decide to rent one when you go on vacation.


Another recommendation is to go whenever you can to the second-hand market. If you are looking to save a good amount of money, you can buy cars of little-advanced ages for very attractive prices. Of course: all you will find will be, mostly, diesel and gasoline; with manual gearboxes. That does not have to be bad, of course. But if you go to the market to look for a hybrid automatic transmission car for less than 4,000, you probably will not find it.

Also, do not want to find cars with great technological advances. But the best thing is that you learn to park with a single maneuver without a rearview camera or other aids (except the rear-view mirrors, of course). Of course, make sure that the car has all the possible safety systems. If you have to pay a little more for it, it’s worth it.

Before all these tips, we bring you three proposals so you can start guiding your purchase:

The three best cars for young people

1.DACIA SANDERObest cars

A proposal to start driving is the Dacia Sandero, one of the most popular and best-selling cars in our market right now. This yes, it is a rather young car, that is to say, that takes few years in the market (its first version is of 2009) and it could be more difficult to find it of the occasion.

But if you dare with a new car, the price is very attractive: part of 8,650 dollars, with which you can take a 73 hp vehicle.

2.SEAT IBIZAbest cars

Another car with an eternally young spirit is the Seat Ibiza, not only for its connectivity technologies but for its starting price, which is $ 16674. It is a car that does not lack anything, and it is no coincidence that it was second in the valuable competition of the car of the year 2018 that was held a few days ago at the Geneva show.

In addition, it presents the option of acquiring a version with an engine that works with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), something very attractive for those looking to save on fuel.

Obviously, it is also a very easy car to find in the second-hand market.

3.FORD KA +best cars

The Ford Ka + comes from the old Ka, which has grown older. The main attraction of this vehicle is that the five-door “big one” measures less than 4 meters, and offers a high driving position, something that helps to better control the road, an aspect that the novices will appreciate. It is a discreet, practical car, and correct for its price, which is below $12300. It is a Ford model that does not offer great luxuries but brings the basics without giving up the use of space.

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