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Four Things that you Must Have to Drive in the UK

Driving is something that gives you the freedom to go out and do what you want. Being able to drive gives you the freedom to not only be able to have more flexibility with work but also allows you to go out and about and explore the country, especially more remote parts that are hard to access with public transport.

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To drive legally however, there are some important things that you and your vehicle must have – these are…

Driving Licence – To be able to drive you need to have passed your driving test and have a licence. Once you have your licence it is important that you abide by the laws of the road, not just for the safety of you and others, but also because your licence can be revoked if you break the law.

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Vehicle Tax – You must pay tax on your vehicle, and not doing so is illegal. Vehicle tax pays for things like essential maintenance that is done to the roads. Tax can be paid annually, or it can be paid on a six monthly basis.

Insurance – To drive in the UK you must be insured. There are many insurance companies who can help you with this like insurance brokers Bristol based Mark Richard. There are tools that you can use online to find good car insurance for you.

MOT – A car that is over three years old must pass an MOT check once a year. This ensures that your vehicle is safe to be driven and passes the standard to be allowed to drive on the road.

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