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How to care for a Bugatti Type 35

One of the most beautiful and successful prewar, pre Formula one years racing cars is the Bugatti Type 35. The car was a truly Continental European creation. Bugatti was founded in Germany by an Italian. It became one of the strongest manufacturers of Grand Prix cars before the Second World war. There are still some working examples of the famous type 35 that you can own. However, they do need some considerable care and attention, given their age, and a good garage is essential for their storage. If your doors need some work, then just call Garage Door Repairs Luton based company

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Bugatti’s racing colour was a distinctive light blue. In those days, there was no advertising or livery on the cars, save for the race number. The make of the car was emblazoned on the front of the car. Bugatti’s were also set apart from other cars as they featured an arched radiator grill. The racing cars were not too dissimilar to the road cars, as was quite common at the time. As with most racing cars, the engine was fitted at the front of the vehicle, effectively pulling it through corners and straights as opposed to rear-wheel-drive cars that push the car.

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Grand Prix’s racing cars, just as they are now, were testbeds for new engineering ideas that could be translated to the regular automotive industry. The Bugatti Type 35 was no exception to this. One of the secrets of its success was that its engine was a huge 2 litre, and it used a novel ball bearing system that allowed the driver to increase its rev count way beyond the competition. Better still, it was reliable. The other innovation to the Type 35 was that it featured Alloy wheels which reduced the car’s weight, and stronger Drum brakes at the rear.

It was to go on to win over one thousand races. The name Bugatti became synonymous with Grand Prix success.  Grand Prix’s were not as organised as they are today in the pre Second world war era. Bugatti’s only title was from 1926, where, having won 351 races over the years, they entered a Grand final with other successful marques. Tracks would stage open competitions rather than an organised season. If there was a regular Grand Prix season, it’s pretty certain that these incredible light blue cars would have been a totally dominant force.

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