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Essential Areas to Maintain on a Trailer

When you’re travelling with a trailer, there are some essential areas that you need to pay attention to. Here are some of these areas:

Check the tyre pressure on your trailer’s tyres before each trip. Inflate them if necessary, and check for cracks, cuts, or punctures. Check the tread by using a tread gauge. Make sure the valve stems are seated properly. Rotate your tyres regularly, especially during a new season. Also, be sure to clean any residue from them too. When you need Trailer Parts, visit a site like Auto Trailer and Spares, a supplier of Trailer Parts

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Inspect the electrical system on your trailer. It is required that trailers have working lights. Brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, and licence plates are vital. Make sure they are all working. The wiring for these lights should be properly insulated, and the wires should not touch metal surfaces. Be sure to check the insulation around the plugs as well. You can also clean the prongs with fine sandpaper.

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The wheels on your trailer should also be checked and oiled. Excess moisture in the trailer can cause rot and mould. Always make sure to muck out your trailer after every trip. You can remove mats and bedding from the trailer, rinse them thoroughly, and lubricate the hinges and doors. You can also do a thorough cleaning of the floor, using a good detergent. Lastly, you should look for cracks, scratches, or other signs of wear and tear.


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