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Yakima Skybox 12 Series : Carbonite Vs SkyboxPro

Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite is all that much suited for a weekend outdoors journey, street trips and snowboard and ski enterprises. It gives 12 feet of capacity storage with rest profile. You don’t have to stuff your vehicle to the overflow as Skybox frees up these spaces in your rear trunk or hatch while you are carrying your family or friends.

What ought to be considered while picking Skybox 12 Carbonite?

If you are going for outdoors and wants your snowboards or skis to bring with you then it is the best choice which we can say same words for other Skybox models. It can likewise fit the greater part of your sleeping backs, tents, whitewater rafting paddle, kayak paddles and vast backpack so it is useful for camping, tour and camping.

Features you could have!

*Sleek, Aerodynamic, Carbonite textured cover.
*Designed with the interior cover stiffeners which give durability and simple to close and open.
*SuperLatch security guarantees the cover attached safely to its base, keeping your apparatus or gear safe
*Double side opening gives the simple on both sides
*Decreased design diminishes the interference of the hatch

It is accessible in numerous sizes which are Lo, 21, 18, 16, and 12 cubic feet. Its measurement is 24.00 inches width, 92.00 inches length and 16.00 inches, width and height roughly 41 pounds.


It accompanies Super Latch security framework which ensures the safety of your top secured to its base and in this way gives security to your staff. Because of its aerodynamic outline, there is less sound or vibration.


Yakima Skybox 12 is all that much durable and in addition adaptable. Made in the USA, this load box is produced using to 80% reused material making it lightweight. Skybox can likewise withstand any climate condition and stay undamaged in hail, snow, rain, heat or precipitation.


For establishment of Skybox 12 Carbonite your auto must have a rack framework. No get together is required for introducing the payload box. Evacuation is additionally simple and can be expelled tool free from the vehicle. Fitting Yakima Skybox 12 on your vehicle doesn’t take much time and it can be introduced in a rack framework circular, factory made or rectangular.

Design and Appearance

Yakima Skybox has new carbonite dimpled textured completion which can give supplement to the look of your auto. Its appearance is extremely decent and its smooth car complete makes it scratch resistance. It is accessible in dark color.

Yakima SkyboxPro 12

Yakima SkyboxPro 12 has polished car finish and smooth streamlined aerodynamic design. It has double opening for simple luggage and loading your luggage and back of the load box is decreased for enhanced freedom of the seal.

What ought to be considered while picking SkyboxPro 12?
It is perfect for longer street as it will not hog the crossbar space and can be an ideal for conveying the gear for 2 campers. You can utilize it to convey your skies or snowboards up to 215 cm.

Main Features
Aerodynamic design decreases drag and noise.
Double sided opening.
Customized rear load box for improved hatch clearance.
SuperLatch outline gives great security, guaranteeing that the cover is always locked.
Fits wide range of crossbars.

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