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Eco Friendly cars will stand the test of time

Motor vehicle manufacturers could be faced with a fresh headache as climate change legislation gains momentum.

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Whilst in the UK we are gearing up for Brexit day at the end of January, EU legislation regarding the amount of carbon a vehicle can emit has the potential to force car manufacturers to stop selling high polluting models in the UK. The target figure for new cars is to have carbon dioxide emissions of less than 95g per kilometer.

Whilst some caveats are allowed on this target based on the size of vehicle being manufactured, fines will be levied on manufacturers who fail to meet this target, all in the name of arresting the effect that carbon dioxide emissions have on climate change.

After the transition period

Once the transition period has ended following the UK’s exit from the EU, the DfT is expected to introduce legislation which is at least as ambitious as the current ruling from Brussels. Of course, as the UK will not be part of the EU, cars sold here will not be subject to the same level of controls as those from within the remaining member states, making it more difficult to maintain a lower average emission level.

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Cut the emissions by a quarter

As things stand currently, the emissions in the UK are too high to comply with the new legislation. The average emissions figure per car is almost 130g of carbon dioxide per kilometre. This means that around a quarter of this needs to be lost, which is no mean feat given British drivers’ penchant for purchasing heavy and large vehicles such as SUVs.

Investments are being made by manufacturers to attempt to meet these targets, rising to the challenge laid down by legislation. Additionally, research and development is being carried out on the next generation of zero emission cars, showing the capabilities on the cutting edge of automotive technologies.

First it was diesel cars, now higher emission cars are under the microscope. If the effects of climate change are to be arrested, we all need to play our part.

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