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How to keep your car’s interior and exterior clean

Keeping the inside of your car clean and organised is important. Why? Well, we spend thousands of hours in our cars during a lifetime and who wants to sit in a messy health hazard? We spend way too much time in our cars and if we don’t want to feel embarrassed whenever we give someone a lift, it’s time to clean up and sort out.

Here are some incredibly useful tips to keep your interior and exterior clean in the most efficient and effective manner:

Here is what you’ll need:

A soft, clean cloth


Cotton Buds

Baking Soda

A spray bottle

Some essential oil

A carpet cleaning vacuum, possibly handheld

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  1. Clear out the rubbish

Before any cleaning commences, you need to rid your interior of anything that doesn’t belong there. You know the things like toys, old food wrappers, drinks bottles and anything else that has no place in the back of your car. For anyone with kids, there’s bound to be a few nasty and sticky surprises hiding in the crevices. A car trash bin is a great idea going forward, so you can collect your waste as you produce it and won’t have to go through this stage next time.

Keep all your kids’ car entertainment stuff organised with a backseat organiser and encourage them not to spread all their stuff all over the backseats of your car.

  1. Shake it out
  1. Exterior – There are several sponges, wipes, waxes and shampoos you can use out there to keep your exterior clean and with a bit of hot water and a good scrub a car can look brand new.  The other tip we give you is keep it under shelter so its protected from the elements, nature and wildlife. If possible you could get a Bespoke Oak Carport from links such as

Remove the floor mats and give them a really good shake out.

  1. Get out the vacuum

Any place you can fit that nozzle, get it in there zapping up all those crumbs, small pebbles, dried mud and sweets. Be sure to vacuum up the carpets, seats, door panels, underneath the pedals and across the dashboard.

Using an old toothbrush, you can also get right into the air vents and all the little nooks and crannies. Put the vacuum round again after you’ve released all the dust that’s likely inside your vents.

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  1. Wipe it over

You don’t need to buy specialised car cleaning wipes as baby wipes will work just as effectively. They are great for collecting dust and dirt, so store a pack in your glove compartment for cleaning up any spills or messes as soon as they happen. Follow this up with a buff of polish, making sure you don’t spray into any electrical parts.

  1. Make it smell good

If you want to recreate that gorgeous new car smell, then make your own carpet deodoriser with a shaker container, some baking soda and essential oils. Here’s how:

Pour two cups of baking soda and between 10 and 20 drops of your favourite essential oil into a shaker, give it a really good shake and leave to settle for one day. You can then sprinkle onto your carpets, leave for 30 minutes and then vacuum up the powder.

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