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Lets meet some of the future Cars in the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas

the future Cars

If Geneva Motor Show is the reference of all world cars then its counterpart based on customer electronics sector is the most prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This wonderful event held in Las Vegas every year where the world key manufacturer gathers to show their most recent technological advances in every aspect that design to improve our daily life.

Consumer Electronics Show

This event mostly highlights the new creations that go beyond our imagination and show us how all the architectural barriers can be removed by their easy accessibility in our daily routine. You will find the latest intelligent drones that ever produced or some energy efficiency technological eco products ever develop to meet the most important green world concept. Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas basically present the most innovating concept and the innovative products that will rule the tomorrow’s world.

The world of the automobile always grabs our attention as we often look forward to finding out what is coming next in the auto industry. Hence in Las Vegas, automobile become a key element in the Consumer Electronics Show which drive us towards sustainable mobility and ensure its present each year in this event.  The Quadis Group of workshops and official dealers of some classic and well-reputed brands always make sure their present exclusively in the North American event and always proofs this is the most interesting novelties among the visitors.

We will discuss a little bit about them in below:

the future Cars


Two of the most innovative concept “Autonomous drive and electric drive” will go hand to hand in the new Mercedes CASE project. They are planning a new corporate strategy to place the Mercedes-Benz at the forefront of four pillars designed to define in the coming future of the automobile industry: as they will provide to their potential consumer the best connectivity, autonomous driving, shared services, and some other electrification.

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Another new concept is the emission-free cars which are full autonomy of the vehicle and even the connectivity between the car and home will be a key part of the advanced technology they will add on to this and this concept will work during the next years in the Stuttgart brand. At the moment in Las Vegas, we are lucky enough to see that again in the Mercedes-Benz Vision to develop a Van concept and the Mercedes-Benz EQ prototype Concept.

the future Cars


The Ingolstadt brand Audi has also taken the advantage of the Las Vegas event’s with its great media pull to showcase their latest improvements in the field of autopilot driving technology vehicles, using this as an example of a beautiful Audi Q8 under the motto deep learning concept. This innovative concept developed together with the electronics manufacturer NVIDIA which provide a new processor into the vehicle to make it able to interpret and learn the basic usual driving of the car and apply it autonomously. In essence, we are here to see this future car

and talk about one of the first cars that capable of developing their own artificial intelligence to apply it in the daily circulation.

the future Cars


The Fiat -Chrysler group one of the leading auto developers has also introduced a prototype electric car in Las Vegas event which is produced under the acronym PORTAL. This is a beautiful small car concept, which applies the level 3 autonomous driving technologies that allow the car to circulate without a driver except at very extreme condition. The vehicle would have about 250 kilometers of autonomy service.

the future Cars


Because of its own merits, the Honda NeuV always has been one of the most anticipated presentations at the Consumer Electronics Show event. This model has been designed based on a concept of an autonomous car intended for car-sharing (an alternative formula to public transport, which means that users can get into a car with other people) and seeks to solve the existing problem of mobility, with studies indicating that a car spends 96% of the time in the parking area.

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With only 3 meters in length, this electric two-seater is connected to the electrical network and its advanced artificial intelligence allows you to learn the reactions of the driver behind the wheel and apply them in future answers and recommendations.

the future Cars


The most spectacular new Nissan BladeGlider prototype and a Nissan LEAF whose mobility systems have been developed with the collaboration of NASA are the two best examples to show the world why the Japanese brand has demonstrated in the Las Vegas event with its electric mobility is now becoming a consolidated reality.

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